5 Mistakes that Could Keep Things the Same

Are you ready to achieve bigger and better things in 2014?  Are you willing to change to reach your goals? After preparing and teaching a workshop on goal setting and planning for success, I know I am, and so are the participants in the class.Change vs Same

A few things came up during the class, and in my recent conversations with clients, that I thought worth sharing with you here today.

What can get in the way of you achieving inspirational goals:

1. The size of your goals

Some people limit what they aim for, letting reality and their present circumstances dictate what they strive for.  These people end up changing very little in their lives, or very very slowly.

When you let go of what is, and think about what it is you really want, then you open yourself up to possibilities and new opportunities.

2. Expectations about your future and your goals

If you are writing or stating a goal AND you are second-guessing yourself and doubting that you will succeed, then odds are you are right – you won’t succeed unless you back yourself.  This comes down to belief that the goal is possible, and, more importantly, that it is possible for you.

This expectation needs to be unwavering, even if you deviate from success and even ‘fail’. Just take the lessons as they come and keep up the expectation that eventually you will succeed.

3. Lack of commitment

Do you hope things will work out as planned, or are you committed to doing what it takes to achieve your desired outcome?  There is a difference, and the latter puts you in the drivers seat.  You have the ability to make your biggest goals happen for you – when you step up and commit.  This means you keep going despite obstacles.  You persist.

4. Doing the Same Thing and Expecting a Different Result

You’ve probably heard that this is the definition of insanity, right – but where in your life are you perhaps doing the same thing.  I’m guilty of it…..thinking that if I just work a little harder at it, do more of it…..then it will work out.  This is as useful as butting your head against a break wall, instead of taking a slightly different route through a door or side-alley.

Which open door or side-alley are you missing?  Sometimes the change has to be within your thinking, rather than your actions.  Believing in yourself, greater commitment, bigger goals with greater clarity could all be the difference that makes the difference.

Change doesn’t have to be massive to create a distinctive difference in your results.

5. Lack of trust

I’m not talking about trusting other people; I’m talking about trusting YOU – that you will achieve your goal.  Lack of trust can show up as micro-managing – constantly questioning your plan and making changes.  This is like a pilot thinking it will do a better job navigating a jet-plane than the auto-pilot; or phoning your hairdresser or dentist every hour to confirm you have that appointment next week.

There are things you simply ‘know’ and that you don’t second-guess.  Imagine having that same certainty with your goals?

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