5 Reasons to Gain Confidence and Skills for Speaking

“Will you speak for us at………….?”speaker training for entrepreneurs

How do you feel when you hear that question directed at you?  Excited? Scared?

How do you respond?

You might think that because you don’t like speaking, or have a fear, that you can just avoid it. Just say NO, right?  But what are you missing out on?

Or perhaps you do say yes, but secretly you are wishing you could get out of it.

Here are 5 reasons why would it help YOU to improve your confidence or skills speaking and say YES to speaking?

1. Speaking for personal empowerment

First and foremost, even if you never speak to a group or audience, the confidence gained from being able to speak to a group, will help you with your communication one on one.

The more freely you are able to express yourself, especially your opinion and even to promote yourself, the more comfortable you will feel in your relationships both business and personal.

2. Speaking for entertainment

You might get asked to speak at a social gathering – the big one that comes up is weddings.

I know people that have said ‘no’ to speaking at a friend or family wedding because of their fears or lack of confidence around speaking.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say YES, and share with the group your thoughts about the bride and groom?  What a gift that would be!

3. Speaking for education

Have you made some discovery or invented a new product or way of doing things? Have you some knowledge that could help people?

Whatever profession you are in, there might be opportunities to share your knowledge at an industry-specific conference.  This is a chance to contribute to the advancement of your profession.

Now you could get by just reading your notes and getting it over and done with OR you could work on your confidence and skills with delivering a message that helps the audience to really get what you have to share. This will make the experience more pleasant for both your audience and yourself.

4. Speaking for inspiration

Your experiences in life may lead itself to inspirational, motivational or keynote speaking.

This kind of speaking involves you telling your story so that others may be inspired.  They may be going through similar situations (eg cancer, bankruptcy or a quest for high achievement) or your experience may help them see that their problem or challenge is not a big deal and that if you survived and thrived, then they can too.

If this opportunity arises you want to learn the skills telling your story in a way that helps the audience to leave with more than inspiration.  You want them to take action and make some small change in their lives that can help them overcome their adversity.

5. Speaking for business

Finally, and a big focus of my work, speaking to tell others about yourself, your business and your services.

This combines education and inspiration where you are educating people about your area of expertise and inspiring them to want more; to help them be their best and live life to their fullest potential.

Entrepreneurs benefit from speaking to many, using the power of leverage to get themselves and their services known.  It builds trust and educates the public on why they might use your services.  Opportunities to speak include:

  • Network meetings where you might have just 30 sec to tell people who you are and what you do;
  • Rotary clubs, Kiwanis, Meetups and other meetings where you can speak for 20-25 minutes;
  • Or you might create your own event – anything from a 1 hour introductory talk, to a 2-3hour workshop to 5 day retreats.  This can be a live event or could even be virtual over the phone or online.

Whatever level you are at, there is something to learn and to gain from improving your confidence and skills with speaking.

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