A Vision for Speaking Out and Sharing your Brilliance

I am taking part in a new exciting competition to find the Next Great Visionary BusinessAnnette Lynch Speaking Manifeso

The competition required participants to put together a manifesto describing the vision for their business – the impact they want to have through their business.

It really got me thinking WHY it makes sense for me to focus on training speakers, and coaches and entrepreneurs that need to speak.  What does this lead to?

I explain it all in my manifesto which I hope you will take the time to watch (it’s less than 3 minutes).

(Sorry, no longer available)

If you like it or it moves you, then please leave a comment on that page, and vote for it.

You do need to register to vote, and then you also receive further gifts from Maggie Ostara on the process of spreading your own vision.

If you really love it, then I won’t be offended if you share it with your family and friends (ha ha).

At least, I hope it inspires you to think about your own manifesto.

Thank you.