Who are you asking for help?

Recently someone declined my offer to talk with them about their speaking skills, citing that they already had a coach.  I said “great, I love that you have a coach (it’s very important)….and does he/she have specific experience with speaking well on a stage?”

You want to be aware of the strengths and limitations of your coach.  I have had so much coaching and training over the years and know that one coach does not have all the answers, methods and skills.  If they do, it might not be the most cutting-edge advice.

It’s like comparing a GP to a neuro-surgeon.  Who is going to have the best advice for you on brain tumours?

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It reminds me of my experience recently with dental work I needed for a troublesome tooth.

My dentist thought the tooth had a fracture and she referred me to a periodontist to consider an implant. He gave me the good news that I should be able to save the tooth but he referred me then to another specialist – a root canal specialist.

Now, though it was frustrating to be shifted around: I do know that I am getting the best cutting-edge advice from each specialist.

By focusing on one area of teeth, each specialist gets very good at it, compared to the general dentist who might only see a root canal every twenty clients.

It’s the kind of specialty you want to consider for your own business.

Whether you are looking after your teeth, your health, or your business – you want to get specialized advice.

For your business, you can either get a general coach to help you with everything, or you can find coaches that focus on your specific problem/challenge and has all the skills and training.  The more specialized the coach the more likely they deal with your problem or challenge on a regular basis and know the best solution.

Over the years of building my coaching business I’ve sought help from experts on coaching, teleseminars, copywriting, product launches, product creating, book publishing, and strategy.

What expert are you seeking out?


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  1. You are bang on Annette. Great analogy. You don’t want generic advice for specific issues! You’ll get where you need to go faster and with greater ease with the appropriate support!

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