Be Like Water

Shit happens!  Things don’t always go to plan.  You can bitch and complain, or freak out because things are not working out the way you wanted it to – but what does that achieve?

Have you ever been on a delayed flight?  You see 2 types of people – those that are annoying the flight attendants, asking for answers, demanding to leave; and then those that are accepting the situation and waiting patiently.  Who is going to leave sooner?

Neither.  The situation is not going to change because of a few complaints, especially when the flight is delayed due to weather or mechanical problems.

Who is going to feel better and suffer less stress? 

So how do YOU handle your challenges?  Do you go with the flow or do you resist like crazy and insist things work out the way you planned?

The more you resist the less likely you are going to be in a place where you can come up with an effective solution.

The person who goes with the flow is flexible to adapt to the challenges of the world.

“Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water.” Bruce Lee

Think of the older person who relates experiences to the early years – “in my day” and expects things to be the same.  With change happening so rapidly now, the person who is stuck in their old ways will not cope with the modern world.

The same with everyday situations when things don’t quite work out.  If you focus on what it is NOT, you are focusing on the problem.  Not too helpful.

By accepting and focusing on what it IS, you can address it and rapidly move to finding a solution.  A champion mind is all about finding solutions.  By being flexible and adaptable you can be open to seeing the opportunity in the challenge and keep moving forward rather than being stopped by a little hiccup.

If life is passing you lemons, then you’ve got a choice – suck on them or make a margarita.  You’ve heard that I’m sure – are you applying it your life?

One of the reasons I wrote this is because things didn’t go to plan for me yesterday.  I was all set to do a live telecall and my conference server went offline.  Instead of rescheduling, I thought perhaps there was another (perhaps better) way to get the information to you – that way was recording a webinar and you can listen to it immediately, when you are ready to of course.

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