Be Real – get out of denial and own yourself (the good and the bad)

In the movie 28 days, Sandra Bullock plays an alcoholic who resists treatment at a rehab centre because she’s not that bad.  She sees everyone else there at the centre and doesn’t see herself as having the same level of problem that other’s there have.

The charachter, Gwen, was in denial.

Know where you are currently at

We can all be in denial in some area of our life.  It doesn’t have to be about alcohol.  As an entrepreneur working on self-improvement, I wonder if you are fully conscious of where you are at right now.  Have you done an honest stock-take lately?

This is important when you consider what kind of training or coaching you are going to take up.

Imagine if you want to book a flight to go to Hawaii (to see me, wink, wink), and you book it to depart from Sydney, or L.A.  Trouble is, if you are not currently in Sydney or L.A. – you are not going to get on that flight and reach Hawaii.

This can happen so often in self-improvement and personal development.  You want to reach a certain target or level of success and you work on the steps that take you from B to C, but truth is, you are still at point A, you still have to bridge the gap from A to B.

You have to be painfully honest about your current situation – your current finances, your current abilities, the level of your business, if you are going to take the right actions.

It’s not all bad

On the flip side of the coin, you also need to OWN your greatness and magnificence.  Yes, you are great at certain things, certain skills and you have attained a certain level of success.

Do you fully own that and are you BEING that person.

When you take a stock-take include what you are great at – what you have achieved, what are you strengths.

This is a good list to have to put you in a great state or frame of mind next time you have to put yourself out there – whether in a meeting, networking, on stage, on video or even writing an email or blog.

You need to act from a position of strength and full knowledge of your personal power and gifts.  This will come through in your voice, in your words and you will be heard.

So, if you haven’t done it lately, do 2 things:

  1. Do a stock-take of your current situation – writing it down gives it more power, and if you have ever done some money training with me, you know you have to keep track of your finances on paper.
  2. Write down your gifts – fully own your greatness by writing down all the ways you are great.  This is not a list to boast or impress anyone else other than you.  You are the one that needs to be convinced.  When you are convinced, so will the others be who connect with you.

Have fun doing both of these.  They are liberating exercises that will free you up to focus on what you really need to do both in the long term and what your next important step is.

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