The Best of 2014

In the trend of rounding up the ‘best of’ for the year gone by, I thought I’d do the same here with my TEN most popular articles.  I hope it makes it easy to navigate the articles that were found most useful by readers and to also discover ones you might find useful for your own success in the new year ahead.

My selection was guided by readers comments and engagement both here and on social media.  It starts off with a theme of goal setting, and then gets into tips and insights for speakers and leaders.

January 9 – Goal Achievement is not an Exclusive Process

Goal AchievementIn this article I addressed the suggestion by another writer that one shouldn’t think about goals, but focus on actions instead.

Goal achievement is a process of steps.  Just like goals are not a destination, neither is setting of goals.

You need goals AND you need to take action.  Setting a goal is simply the first step by starting with the end in mind.

Jan 19 – Do’s and Don’ts of Goals

shutterstock_62982397A goal is simply something you are aiming for – an ideal of how you want your life to be, or what you want to experience.

I have had some interesting conversations the past week about goals – what goals are and what they are not, whether they work or not, who do they work for?  So here are my further views on approaching goal setting.

April 9 – Timing is Everything

Public Speaking StopwatchWhen you are speaking, you are given a specific time to talk, so how do you stick to time?

……time is not something you can get back.

If you speak for longer than you’re allotted time, then you are taking time away from something else – perhaps even from another speaker.

So how do you keep to time and show respect for your fellow speakers and audience?

April 22 – Are You Motivating the Motivated?

Motivation-CrowdIt’s easy to talk to the converted, but how do you reach those who are yet to buy into your message?  How do you get them to not only listen, but motivate them to take some action?

Do you just forget about them, and figure why bother – ‘they are not interested anyway…” OR

…do you find what motivates them?

May 27 – How do you get a YES?

Speaking SalesIf you are selling something, it definitely helps to have the skills to communicate the value to the audience and sell the proposal.

It’s the same whether you are pitching a product to an investor, pitching to individual clients or a large audience, or even pitching for a job.

What are some of the things that make the difference to getting a yes?

 June 10 – Communicating Differences

listen to ME!Do you ever feel like your communication is falling on deaf ears? People don’t seem to get what you are saying or perhaps you think that they are not listening.

There are a whole number of factors that come into the communication game that are important for leaders to know if they are going to get the response they want.

Let’s explore where communication can break-down.

June 25 – Having the Confidence to Go for It

OlympicServe2copyOn Day 3 of the 2000 Olympic Games, my beach volleyball partner and I were struggling in our elimination game against Germany.  We needed to pick up our game, and I drew on some extra energy and focus to just ‘go for it’ with my serve.  I connected with the ball and it found the sand on the other side, and the crowd roared – I had just served an Olympic record for fastest serve.

Sometimes you have just got to find something extra inside to go for it in your own life and career.  It’s times like these that you have to back yourself and your mental focus will determine how successful you are.

Aug 6 – Claim Your SuperPower

Catwoman Super Personal PowerWhat if your perceived weakness or negative trait was in fact your very own SuperPower?  What traits or qualities do you have, and take for granted, that are in fact your biggest GIFT?

If you were a Super-Hero or Fictional, or even Historical Charachter, who would you be?

By relating to a character or an archetype (whatever works for you) you can step into those traits quickly.  A word or an image sums it all up and you can personify your superpower traits and bring out your best gifts to serve those you are meant to serve.

Sept 25 – 9 Reasons to Plan Your Message

Presentation BlueprintIn case you still need a reason to prepare your message with an easy to follow formula, here are 9 of them.

It is said that failing to plan is planning to fail, so if you want to succeed with your presentation and get the results you want, then know how to plan and structure your presentation with ease.

Oct 15 – Bringing out the Best in Others

Encouragement-leadershipAs a leader you want to bring out the best in others so that not only they can perform better, but then so can the whole team and/or organization.

I have drawn upon the parallels of leadership within my sport of beach volleyball, to come up with some tips to help you lead your team – whether as business owner, a group leader, a speaker or even a parent.

 What’s Next?

In 2015 my theme is Game-Changing Inspiration – what does it take to be a game-changer in business, as a speaker and in life.  This theme encompasses my speaking topics and the work I do with elite athletes and high performers/leaders as a mentor and coach.

Remember – You are Brilliant, Dare to Shine!

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