Claim Your SuperPower!

What if your perceived weakness or negative trait was in fact your very own SuperPower?  What traits or qualities do you have, and take for granted, that are in fact your biggest GIFT? It came to me last night as I was listening to Dr John DeMartini speak on values and embracing the good and the bad. My mind went wandering to other lessons and trainings of the past 8 years, including my recent work with the Fascination Advantages of Sally Hogshead. Back in 2006 at a large 3 day seminar, I became aware of my strong independent nature.  Independence

How Much Can You Let Go?

Ok, so you are feeling confident now with getting up and talking to people….to some extent.  How confident are you?  Are you confident enough to really LET GO and be yourself on stage?  Are you confident enough to let go and be even bigger and perhaps more outrageous than you ever dared possible? At this week’s speaker trainer workshop I dared the participants to extend their range of expression.  To go beyond what they are comfortable doing – and in doing so, feeling more comfortable with just getting up and speaking. It’s the principle of overload that is commonly used