Speaking with Purpose

How do you know when to say yes to a speaking opportunity OR what speaking opportunities to look for? You want to say YES for the right reasons. Speaking with Purpose refers to both the purpose of you speaking in general and the purpose you have for each and every speaking opportunity. The more clear your are with your purpose for speaking, the greater your success.

How the World Sees You

To be a successful speaker you want to FASCINATE your audience, and now you can get the advantage on this with a gift. Branding expert and leading authority on the science of fascination, Sally Hogshead, has just published her new book How the World Sees You (July 1.) To celebrate the insights gained from a decade of research, she is launching Project Fascination with the goal of showing 100,000 people how their personalities add value. As a part of this project, she’s given me a special code to share with to you. The first 100 people who use it to

What to Look for In a Motivational Speaker

Whether you are a motivational speaker OR you are actually looking to hire a speaker for your next event, then you want to know this – what sets a great speaker apart from others? Besides stage presence, level of confidence, entertainment value and level of engagement with audience, it has to do a lot with the speaker’s message. What is the speaker delivering? There are different styles of speakers and it can depend on what the organizer and audience is looking for.  Do they want: a) Entertainment? b) Motivation/Inspiration? c) Information/Education? d) All of the above? The entertaining speaker is

How do you get a YES?

I don’t watch a lot of TV shows (I’m more into movies) and with the TV remote to myself a couple of weeks ago I decided to check out Shark Tank. This is the show where entrepreneurs come on and pitch their products and business to high-profile investors.  I found it interesting from both an entrepreneurial perspective (I’m in a partnership that has a product in development) and more so as a speaker trainer. The entrepreneurs are seeking a YES to getting funding for their business in return for a percentage stake. so they need to present and sell themselves

Don’t Wing It

I have heard people say, when it comes to an upcoming speaking opportunity, that they will ‘wing it’ or that they like to ‘wing it’ because then it will come out natural. Two things are wrong with this kind of thinking: That being prepared and even having a script prevents you being natural, and That this natural winging will be a good experience for the audience. Even if you only have 30 seconds to speak, which might be the case at a networking event, the more prepared you are… the more natural you can be. I recently made the mistake

Focus on What you Really Want

What do you want to achieve in your business and in your life?  Do you stay focused on your goals or are you easily distracted by new opportunities. This video is a piece from my “Olympian Mindset for Success in Business” talking on the power of focus in getting you where you want to go…… and don’t let my broken wrist distract you 🙂 Without focus your energy loses it’s capacity to create momentum. It takes momentum to create success. Anyone who has been an overnight success has been focused on building momentum to that point.  At times it will

What’s your Signature

There are tons of speakers, coaches and consultants competing for the same business, speaking on the same broad topics.  How do you stand out so that you attract speaking gigs and clients? It comes down to your unique selling point – what makes you different?  What do you provide that nobody else will. Let’s look at ways that you can stamp your signature in speaking. Your unique story – what experiences give you a unique perspective on your topic.  You could be a motivational speaker like me, but whereas I speak from a perspective of achieving an Olympic dream, your

Get Specific to Get Results with Speaking

Today I’m going back to some basics to apply to your business, whether it’s the business of speaking or speaking is part of your business. The basics I’m talking about are your goals and getting clear on what you want to achieve. Without a clear end in mind, it can be pretty hard to achieve as much as you are really capable of. I was motivated to write this after seeing what some people posted as ‘goals’ in a speaker training survey. In my survey people were indicating desires to improve their confidence to speak, to be able to craft

5 Reasons to Gain Confidence and Skills for Speaking

“Will you speak for us at………….?” How do you feel when you hear that question directed at you?  Excited? Scared? How do you respond? You might think that because you don’t like speaking, or have a fear, that you can just avoid it. Just say NO, right?  But what are you missing out on? Or perhaps you do say yes, but secretly you are wishing you could get out of it. Here are 5 reasons why would it help YOU to improve your confidence or skills speaking and say YES to speaking? 1. Speaking for personal empowerment First and foremost,

What Does It Take To Share Your Brilliance

There are 3 things to consider and address before you can really STAND out and share your brilliance through speaking. 1. Obviously, Speaking is one of those.  From what you say, to how you say it….it helps paying attention to details. The details of your message – the content, the stories, the segues and transitions to keep it flowing, and the introduction, the end…. And then there is the confidence and the way you deliver it.  All that is part of Speaking. 2. Before you can really Shine with speaking, it’s most likely you need to do some work with the Mindset.  That is point number 2.