Good News – Things Will Go Wrong!

Do you worry that things might go wrong when you to go out and do a public speaking engagement?  Does that worry or fear stop you from even saying yes to speaking? Guess What?  Things DO go wrong and this is GOOD NEWS because by knowing and accepting that, you can now prepare how to handle it. The thing going wrong is not the problem.  Your response in the moment might be.  By being prepared you can reduce the chance that anything goes awry; and you can have a back-up plan or at the very least, go with the flow.

Is Your Voice Being Heard Loud and Clear?

Did you know that different mindsets and thoughts about speaking will create different speaking experiences. Here are some challenges I see people have when speaking and possible causes or blocks that I have encountered working with clients, and see if you can relate. 1. Difficulty in projecting the voice – you no doubt have come across people that speak in a very quiet voice and that are challenged by speaking up loud enough to be heard. Did you know this is could be more about what the person thinks or believes about speaking, than any problem with the vocal chords. 

Imagine it!

Have you ever watched athletes in the minutes before they race or perform? They are preparing to perform at their best. What can you learn from them that will help you perform when you need to?

Get to the Heart of It

Confidence is closely tied into success in most areas of achievement. It takes confidence to follow one’s dreams, to take some risks, to believe in yourself, to speak up, to lead…..and more. Discover how to get to the heart of your challenges to allow you to step up with confidence.

Dare to Stumble!

Do you ever stop yourself from taking action or even saying something, for fear of doing it wrong? This came up while I was chatting with friends a few weeks ago.  Someone mentioned the challenge of speaking up within a relationship, especially when there was conflict. Now this was something I could relate to, because I used to avoid creating conflict with loved ones also.  I still find it challenging, but I also know that being quiet doesn’t serve anyone. How I learned to overcome this challenge was by daring to stumble. Daring to not get it right – to

You Must Be An Extrovert To Speak

I’ll say from the outset, that that is wrong – that you must be an extrovert to speak in front of an audience. Even though I am confident on the stage and in groups, I am an introvert – and shortly I will explain what that actually means. I saw a couple of other articles on this topic, one related to personal branding, and another related to socialising, and…. … made me realize how important it is to address this with regards to speaking. Introverts can let that label be an excuse that stops them from speaking, when in fact

5 Reasons to Gain Confidence and Skills for Speaking

“Will you speak for us at………….?” How do you feel when you hear that question directed at you?  Excited? Scared? How do you respond? You might think that because you don’t like speaking, or have a fear, that you can just avoid it. Just say NO, right?  But what are you missing out on? Or perhaps you do say yes, but secretly you are wishing you could get out of it. Here are 5 reasons why would it help YOU to improve your confidence or skills speaking and say YES to speaking? 1. Speaking for personal empowerment First and foremost,

Don’t Speak Up!

Question:  When did you decide that you can’t speak out loud and clear YOUR truth and that it’s not OK to be your authentic self while doing it? Perhaps you didn’t decide ALL those things but is there something in that statement that resonates with you? You might even think I’m not talking about you …. and yet, when you go to speak – you have a lump or a tickle in your throat, or you freeze or even find yourself suffering from verbal diarrhoea. If you are not 100% comfortable speaking out in any forum, then chances are your

Why Are 74% of People Afraid?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 74% of people have some kind of speaking anxiety – which translates to fear of speaking.  So, good news for those of you who suffer from Glossophobia (fancy name for fear of speaking) – you are not alone! Not so good news if you have Sociophobia and you would rather be alone. Fear of speaking ranks higher than Necrophobia (fear of death), Arachnophobia (spiders), and Acrophobia (heights). What is curious about the last three phobias I mentioned, is that there can be a REAL danger of getting hurt.   But, a Phobia actually refers