Taking Care of YOU

To inspire others with your message you need to step into your own brilliance, so let’s take a step back and talk about YOU. You see you’ve got to have you in a ‘good place’ before you can go out and be the inspiration to others. You need to be the change within, before you can make a difference and create change in the world.

How Well do You Know Yourself?

As I was driving to an appointment with The Symbolist the other day, I thought how funny it is that we like to hear from others about who we really are. Funny because when we get the information, the personal response is always one of – yeah, yeah – “that’s exactly me”, “you are so right!” – or something similar. Do you know what I’m talking about? Either we just don’t take the time to look deep enough OR it’s kind of comforting to get that confirmation from an outside source – or most likely both. So I met with

Can I get real with you?

Last week I did a photo shoot and I posted some photos on Facebook…my favourite photos. I got the usual “likes” and “favourable comments” and I even got a comment that I looked forever 21. I looked in the mirror and I laughed…because I could see the lines that said “I’m not 21!”  It got me thinking, what if I did post some of the other photos…the ones that did show the lines, the ones that didn’t have the perfect lighting, etc. And then I was preparing to shoot this video and thought about the make-up and the clothes and all the preparation to get ready for a video