Focus on What you Really Want

What do you want to achieve in your business and in your life?  Do you stay focused on your goals or are you easily distracted by new opportunities. This video is a piece from my “Olympian Mindset for Success in Business” talking on the power of focus in getting you where you want to go…… and don’t let my broken wrist distract you 🙂 Without focus your energy loses it’s capacity to create momentum. It takes momentum to create success. Anyone who has been an overnight success has been focused on building momentum to that point.  At times it will

Can I get real with you?

Last week I did a photo shoot and I posted some photos on Facebook…my favourite photos. I got the usual “likes” and “favourable comments” and I even got a comment that I looked forever 21. I looked in the mirror and I laughed…because I could see the lines that said “I’m not 21!”  It got me thinking, what if I did post some of the other photos…the ones that did show the lines, the ones that didn’t have the perfect lighting, etc. And then I was preparing to shoot this video and thought about the make-up and the clothes and all the preparation to get ready for a video

What Does It Take To Share Your Brilliance

There are 3 things to consider and address before you can really STAND out and share your brilliance through speaking. 1. Obviously, Speaking is one of those.  From what you say, to how you say it….it helps paying attention to details. The details of your message – the content, the stories, the segues and transitions to keep it flowing, and the introduction, the end…. And then there is the confidence and the way you deliver it.  All that is part of Speaking. 2. Before you can really Shine with speaking, it’s most likely you need to do some work with the Mindset.  That is point number 2.

Just for laughs

When it comes to speaking on stage, it’s really important to define your style, to be yourself on stage, to be natural and authentic. If you are putting on a performance like an actor, then it’s really hard for people to buy into it. They buy into the performance, but really they want to know you, they want you to take your mask off. Therefore, it’s about finding and defining who you are, who you want to be. One area where people really try hard is with humor. Injecting humor into their presentation. I’ve seen some speakers who have been

Stating the Obvious – Use it!

I want to talk about something that stops a lot of people from getting out and speaking, and something that people think is a liability can actually be used as an asset. And it’s about drawing attention to the obvious. For example, I broke my wrist and I’m actually speaking a couple of days in front of a live audience. Now, I can could have said “No” or wait till it had gotten better. Or, I could go out there and speak and pretend that everything’s fine. That is probably not going to work, everyone is going to be thinking,