Choose your being, choose your experience

How do you choose to be

It can be hard not to be influenced by life experiences, especially negative ones, and be led down a spiral of thoughts and emotions in response to those experiences.

The game-changer is the one who can take charge of his/her emotions and use them to create the experience they desire.

You get to experience what you focus on, and a huge part of that focus is how you feel.

If your focusing on images and vision of what you want, but your feelings are those of doubt and even fear, then those feelings will win.

Imagine now focusing on the same image and feeling gratitude, joy or even relief for having realized the dream or vision.

One of my favorite books is Wayne Dyer’s “Power of Intention” which suggests that you Intend how you want to be each day or even moment.

Use the list of words above as a brainstorm to tap into some new ways of being that can help you to change your game.

Sometimes we habitually respond to a situation with the same emotion, eg crying with any conflict; stage fright; anger with a traffic jam; avoiding phone calls, etc.  Habitual responses have been learned and therefore can also be ‘unlearned’.  Yes, you CAN change, rather than thinking you are stuck with being how you are.

That’s the beauty of some of the tools that I use with Neuro-linguistic programming that simply reprograms your neurological responses.

While I was still playing beach volleyball, I had a playing partner that ‘lost it’ (for want of a better word) during a game.  She was angry and upset with herself and she was not able to play to the best of her ability.  We lost to a team we should have easily beaten.

She was having a habitual response to pressure and this response sent her down the negative spiral.  We had quite some time before we had to play again, so I did some work with her to change her response to pressure and also some work on the emotion of anger.

The change in her after this work was amazing.  She went on to play freely in our next match and even I felt the difference in our partnership and ability to play together.

Habitual responses can sabotage your success without you knowing.  Or perhaps you do know and you have been trying to get ‘over it’ without any change.  Think about your response to feedback or criticism; to pressure; to rejection….. and now think about how you would prefer to be.

Choose how you want to be, choose your experiences.

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