Claim Your SuperPower!

Catwoman Super Personal PowerWhat if your perceived weakness or negative trait was in fact your very own SuperPower?  What traits or qualities do you have, and take for granted, that are in fact your biggest GIFT?

It came to me last night as I was listening to Dr John DeMartini speak on values and embracing the good and the bad. My mind went wandering to other lessons and trainings of the past 8 years, including my recent work with the Fascination Advantages of Sally Hogshead.

Back in 2006 at a large 3 day seminar, I became aware of my strong independent nature.  Independence was my highest value and I even prided myself on ‘doing it on my own’ to get to the Olympics.

Of course, no-one achieves greatness on their own, and at this seminar I came to realize that independence was not something to be proud about – it was holding me back as an entrepreneur and it was holding me back from creating meaningful relationships.  It was a WEAKNESS.

Fast-forward to today, thru various transformations ……I now know, the ‘independence’ was not the problem.  The problem was how I thought about it, and how I was applying it.

Now I see that my ability for “INDEPENDENT THINKING‘ helps me to come up with solutions that are out-of-the-box and innovative. It also helps me to take the road less travelled, while still valuing relationships and working with a team.

It is my strength.  It is my SUPERPOWER………What’s Yours?

According to Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Advantage, I am Nimble, Unassuming, Independent and Creative.  CATWOMAN sums it up for me (and if you ever see me around cats, you would agree that the term fits).  She is stealth, and her weapons, amongst others, includes her claws….or as I like to call them, her HIDDEN TALONS (pun intended).

If you were a Super-Hero or Fictional, or even Historical Charachter, who would you be?

Duane Alley introduced me to this concept with his Patterns of Power training where I came up with the Wonder Twins as my favorite superheroes.  Their secret weapon was their ability change their form that best suited the situation.  The girl took on forms of different animals and the boy took on forms of water – from gas (wind) to liquid to ice.

By relating to a charachter or an archetype (whatever works for you) you can step into those traits quickly.  A word or an image sums it all up and you can personify your superpower traits and bring out your best gifts to serve those you are meant to serve.

So what I want you to do is:

1. Discover your hidden talents – what makes you unique and SUPER? What are you underestimating or taking for granted? What do you think is a weakness and, perhaps even tried to change or squash? Look to times for when you were at your best for clues. Somebody who is stubborn may actually be very determined and focused.

2. OWN those talents to be you at your best, and to sell yourself. How can you apply your superpowers? Refine how you work and who you work with to be of most value and service.

3. Decide on a charachter to BE to tap into those powers more easily. Have some fun with this one.

This is not about putting on a mask or suit and pretending to be someone you are not.  This is about stepping out of your alter-ego and bringing out your strongest, most brilliant version of YOU.

I am Catwoman, hear me roar!

Please share your thoughts and your SuperHero/Charachter that brings out your best.

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