Game-Changing Coaching

Is it time for a change in your life, whether it’s a step-up or a complete overhaul?Personal coaching, success coaching, life coaching, business coaching

Do you want to excel and live life on your terms, with enthusiasm and passion?

Do you want to stop the self-sabotage, clear the obstacles and take your results to the next level?

Often the biggest hurdle preventing your success is YOU.  Game-Changing Coaching can help you get our of your own way so that you can be a Game-Changer and achieve bigger goals in business and in life.

Let me help you perform as a leader – whether you are leading yourself, your department, your business or a whole community.  I have the tools, the knowledge and the resources to boost your confidence, skills  and capabilities.

  • Take charge to get the results you desire
  • Be clear on your purpose and vision
  • Increase your performance and ability to get things done
  • Be guided and motivated by compelling exciting goals
  • Step up as a leader, leading through inspiration and effective communication
  • Have enriching and uplifting relationships – personal and business

Packages come in all shapes and sizes, including a intensive VIP days; a 3-session Breakthrough; a 4 week or 3 month program.

Coaching is specifically geared towards your needs and goals combining mentorship, accountability and support with teaching of specific skills – time management, business planning and even public speaking, if desired.

In particular, I listen and dig beneath the surface to look at how your mindset is affecting your results and help you to overcome your doubts, your fears and any lack of belief that is sabotaging your success.

Coaching will help you Change the Game
Speaker Training by Hawaii Motivational Speaker

If you have ever felt that you have been standing in the shadows of something BIGGER,then it’s time to get support from someone who knows how to dream big, an Olympian!

If you are ready to climb to another level of success, and live a life extraordinary then it’s time to stretch yourself beyond the boundaries of what you think is possible.

The next step is…

A 30 minute Game-Changing Strategy Session with me to help you get in touch with your true self, your desires and get you started on the right actions to realize your dreams.

This is for you if:

  • You are not quite sure about how to step up to your next level of success?
  • You feel something is blocking you, and no matter what you work on, nothing changes.
  • It would be useful to look at your challenge/situation from a different perspective
  • You want to believe and know that you can achieve your goals for the next year,
  • You want to improve your financial situation,
  • You know you can’t do it on your own  and are looking for the right person you connect with that can support you, encourage you and keep you on track.
  • You are committed to excellence,

 In 30 minutes over the phone/skype DISCOVER

  1. The core issue that is holding you back from going for what you know you want (it’s not always what you think it is);
  2. What opportunities are within your easy grasp;
  3. 1 valuable success tip you can use immediately in your business/life (this will be specific to your challenge);
  4. The steps you can take in the next 6-12 months to get your career/business going the way you want it to, saving you time and making you money.

This is best suited to you if you have big dreams and are serious about playing a bigger game.  You want to uplevel your success.



Act today as I can only give away 10 sessions this month.

What Clients Say!

“Annette is able to see things in my life and my business that I may be too involved in to see myself. Not only that, she then has great strategies to allow me to overcome challenges and move forwards. Annette holds me to the highest standard (as possibly only an Olympian can) and the results I am getting with her help are testament to that.

I now have more clients than I had before working with Annette. As a result I am not only making more money but am also being offered opportunities that I did not have previously. She has helped me to see my own value – which allows clients to see it too!
Ruth Thirtle, Networking and Presentation Coach/Trainer, Your Abundance Now


“Annette has been my personal and business coach now since 2008, and she is so much more than that to me, she is my voice of reason, my light of inspiration and has shown me the way out of some dark moments. I rely on Annette for both personal and business advice as well as life coaching, her well rounded knowledge and expertise is invaluable to me and she is an integral part of my strategy to create the life of my dreams. I highly recommend Annette to anyone who needs a light in the darkness.”
Sarah Birken, Director, Purple Circle Group


I just had to drop you a note to say thank you very much indeed for our session yesterday, the work we did has had a significant impact.  I feel I am now coming from a much better place, and contacting people to ask them if they would promote my seminar is so much easier and far less daunting now.  I now can’t quite believe how hesitant I have been to do these things, it has been holding me back in a major way.  Today I saw no procrastination at all, for the first time in weeks!

I feel different, as if we’ve finally cracked a deep-seated fundamental issue and I feel as though I am ready to step up a level at last, which is great and feels very empowering.  All thanks to your excellent guidance.
Keith Blakemore-Noble – Be Your Change


Before working with Annette, I was feeling trapped and struggling with burnout. I had been diagnosed with several chronic illnesses, and I was beginning to wonder whether my life was worth living. During a 1-hour coaching session with Annette, she helped me realize how much I had let my illnesses define me, and she helped me learn that I could choose to identify myself differently. She also gave me some tools for focusing on what I would like my life to be like in the future rather than focusing on the aspects of my past that have upset me. Amazingly, after just one session, I am feeling more optimistic and seeing many areas in which I had been overlooking all of the choices available to me. I have seen improvements in my health, my work, and my relationships. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in future sessions! 

If you’re willing to try something new to improve some area of your life or reach a goal that you’ve been struggling with, I recommend working with Annette. Her style of coaching is likely to benefit almost everyone.

Lorena Dinger.




This session is held over the phone/skype.