Dare to Fall

The moment had arrived- snowfall in Lake Tahoe and we were off.  Off and away from the unchanging warmth of Maui to the snow-covered town near Reno to visit our friends and to go snowboarding!

The snowboarding was my husband’s idea who assured me I’d love it. I had only been on skis twice before, so it was as good as a time as any to switch over and learn something new.

When is the last time you did something for the first time? Can you remember how strange it felt? The body and mind has no frame of reference to refer back to, so one has to think about everything.

Learning anything new usually means failing or falling and, unfortunately in snowboarding, that might mean falling a lot.  Ouch!”

As soon as I lost my balance or went too fast, my natural reactions were inappropriate, and I found myself back on the snow many a time. It was frustrating to not get any rhythm.

It was tempting to quit.

But I was spurred on by the advice of one instructor who said he found it easier to master snowboarding then he did skiing; by the encouragement of my husband, and most of all by the stubborn voice within me that refuses to quit and knows that with persistence one can achieve anything.

So where could you persist a little more? One skill that I am focusing on teaching now is one that many people avoid because it can seem too difficult, too unfamiliar – Speaking in front of an audience.

To many, speaking can feel just as slippery a slope as the snow.  Because it feels so awkward to start with, one thinks I’ll never get the hang of it and that it will always be awkward.

Like any skill it takes:

  • Good instruction or training from someone who has mastered the skill;
  • Starting with the basics and building proficiency;
  • Practice – lots of it!

Like any skill, the more you do it, the more familiar it comes and the less you have to think about it.

On my second day up on the slopes of Mt. Rose, my husband was giving me some great tips which improved my control and my confidence with the board. By the afternoon, I was ready to go up on the chairlift and venture on the beginner slope.

Still plenty of falls to help the learning process and by day 3 on the slope, I was staying on my feet most of the way. I was stretching myself and loving it.

Whether it’s a sporting skill, speaking, or something else you need to learn in order to succeed in your business, or life. I ask you to persist. Stick at it and get the right instruction that will help you master the skills – it will accelerate your results!

I can’t teach you snowboarding, but I can help you with speaking and performance. Learn more at www.annettelynchspeaking.com

P.S. Small note to add – pay attention to details! My snowboarding experience ended when my board caught and edge of snow while coming off the chairlift. A forward fall broke my wrist. Bummer! I was doing so well on the slopes. I’ll share more about that painful lesson in my next article.

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