Do I Need to Learn More?

Someone wrote to me wondering whether he should take another course, when he had already invested so much time and money and felt that none of it helped.  How could ‘another’ course make a difference?

One of the qualities of a champion mind is a mind for learning, a thirst for continual improvement.

That wasn’t where I was at 30 years ago when I left University with a degree in Physiotherapy, happy to put ‘learning’ behind me.  No more books, no more study.  At the time I disliked watching documentaries or anything that involved learning.  I had graduated and I was finished!

I didn’t get back into formal learning (courses, seminars) for another 14 years.  I was in the informal classroom of life, where the curriculum was haphazard and progress was slow.  I did love reading and started reading self-improvement books in the mid ’90s – Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walshe.

6 years ago, I started attending seminars and I fell in love with learning again.  I had stopped myself going to seminars before this because I had read so much that I thought I knew it.  But, as one wise teacher said, if I wasn’t doing it, applying it, then I really wasn’t knowing it.

That really hit me – I really didn’t know much after all.

I attended seminars, and threw myself so much into the learning that I became a teacher of the science of success, and how to create the results you want in life.  I learned from a great many mentors – some practical skills, and some more spiritual, all of which have contributed to where I am today.  Have I learned enough?

Shouldn’t I be a guru by now, fabulously wealthy and retired, with everything I have learned?


Think about it.  Your brain can only focus on a small portion of information that it is exposed to at any one time.  It is physically and mentally impossible to get every bit of information from a seminar or book.  What happens is that your focus is taken by what is most important and interesting to you at the time.  This will be different from person to person, PLUS it will be different for you if you attend the same seminar a few weeks or a few months apart.

A good teacher, will help direct you to the most important parts of their teachings, but you will still have your own bias, depending on your situation and what it is you need to learn at that point in time.

I attended the same seminar ten to fifteen times, because I worked with the organisation, and I learnt something new everytime – because each time I was different, needing different answers and open to hearing something in a different way.

Wherever you are at with your learning, know that there are new distinctions that will help you with your continual improvement.  One course won’t totally ‘fix’ you – it will change you, in some way, and it will ADD to what you have already done, and what you will do in the future.

Because you don’t see the results you want yet from all the time and money you have invested, doesn’t mean you haven’t had results.

It reminds me of the story of the man digging for gold, who gives up when (unknown to him at the time) he is just a few meters away from hitting a rich vein.

Don’t give up on learning.  The next course could tie everything together and give you the right distinctions that make the difference to you.