Do you want to give your confidence and skills for speaking a JUMPSTART

Speaking is a great way to build leverage and attract your ideal clients.Inspirational Speaker, speaking topics, Hawaii motivational speaker, motivational speaker, speaker trainer

Not only do you get to tell people a portion of what you teach or coach, you also get to demonstrate your expertise and build a relationship with members of the audience.

People will buy from you when they trust you, and you can massively accelerate the creation of trust through speaking.

That’s why I am focusing on helping people with speaking.  It’s a skill too often underestimated and underutilised by entrepreneurs.

They either fear it, lack the confidence OR they are doing it without REALLY knowing how to do it effectively.

If this resonates with you, and you would like help with

  • Overcoming the nerves, the anxiety and even the fear that can hold you back from delivering with clarity and confidence;
  • Crafting a compelling message;
  • Standing in your power in front of any audience and connect and engage them with your authentic self.
  • Weaving stories magically into your presentation to captivate…..
  • Or mastering language to persuade and transform your audience, then…

Let’s talk!

Apply for a “Jumpstart your Confidence for Speaking” Breakthrough Session (valued at $297).  It’s free and only available to 10 people and will show you how can get out there and speak to the audiences that need to hear your message.

I’ll take you through:

  • The unconscious blocks that stops you from getting out there speaking with confidence or delivering with unstoppable power;
  • A clear plan that details the steps you need to take to be a confident and profitable speaker;
  • Plus one simple step you can take immediately to get into action.

Let’s explore how you can take your speaking skills to the next level and see what that can do for your business and finances?

I’ve made it easy for your to apply with a form – click here and answer ALL the questions to be considered for this powerful session.

ps I shared this with my regular subscribers last week, and so you will want to act today to be in the mix for this opportunity to be personally coached by me.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Annette Lynch – your Speaker Trainer

HINT:  Just ask yourself what your greatest challenge is with speaking – and then go to the application to get this challenge resolved.