Finding the Resources Within

It’s amazing what we find we can endure or find the ability to do, when we must.  man-flying copy

There is this abundant power within that is driven from need.  For example, you have probably heard of times when someone finds superhuman strength to lift a car (or heavy object) to free someone trapped.  We are incredibly resourceful, and sometimes it takes a challenge to discover how resourceful we are.

This resourcefulness can be the difference between winning in life or not.

My sister just celebrated her birthday, and it’s a big celebration of life.  She has just completed a tough round of radiotherapy to her face and throat region for a form of cancer in the palate.  The treatment has seriously affected her ability to eat, and has been painful with problems with ulcers, not to mention the affect on the body and fatigue.

The reason I am sharing this with you, is recognition of her remarkable strength in dealing with this and how positive she has been along the way.  She looks back now and wonders how she coped, but through it she didn’t feel like she had to do anything remarkable.  She just did what needed to be done.

That is what these challenges bring out in us.  We extend our limits to what we thought was humanly possible.

In these situations we have a choice – we can choose to suffer and focus on how bad it is, or we can choose to focus on healing and how we wish our circumstances to be – therein we find solutions and tolerance.

If you want to read a great book on choices around suffering, then you must read Victor Frankl’s “In Search of Meaning” which came from one man’s ability to survive and tolerate life in German war camps.

So, what do we do when we don’t have the massive challenge to bring out remarkable strength and ability?  You don’t need to have a massive challenge – it’s obviously better if you don’t have to go through such trying times.

How do you face the challenges you have now in your life?  Are there early signs that you should do something different, and create some urgency to make changes?

Let’s take making some extra money.  When things are going well, there is not so much urgency to do the extra work to make more money.  You somehow get by.  And yet, you might be frustrated that there is not enough – not enough to buy what you want, not enough to enjoy the lifestyle you desire.

What if you had a gun to your head (or of a loved one) and someone would pull the trigger unless you gave them $10,000 or $1million.  Would you suddenly find the resources to make this happen?  I’m sure you would feel highly motivated.  There is a strong NEED.

The key is to be able to create the motivation to get the results you want, without having to resort to such painful motivation.  At the very least, feel the ‘pain’ while it’s still a tickle!

How do you create the need to be healthy, to be financially secure, to have a holiday, to have the relationship you desire, so that you are motivated to do something about it.

  1.  It comes down to making it important, and putting it at the top of your priorities; and
  2. Having a positive WHY or need – what will that allow you to do.  The positive why is so much more enduring in it’s motivation, than the short-lived motivation of pain (or negative why).

Think about it.  You have a shower every day, or brush your teeth 2 or 3 times a day.  It’s just part of what you do because you unconsciously have a need to be clean, and a need to have healthy teeth.  This need drives your behaviour in a positive and consistent way.

Imagine having this same mindset for needing a certain level of income, or certain level of health, or desired way to relate to your partner.

Just something for you to think about, when you are next feeling some discomfort or pain about your present situation and want to make a change.  You can choose to keep things as they are, or you can choose to look ahead and consider how you want things to be.

When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves. – Victor Frankl

Want some assistance to see your challenges in a different light, or help to focus on a solution?  Contact Annette Lynch for a Winner’s Edge Discovery Session to see how some shifts in thinking, and new strategies can help you accelerate your achievement of your biggest dreams and goals.