Get to the Heart of It

I love spending some 1-on-1 time with someone to talk to them about the challenges in their life, whether it’s with clients, potential clients, colleagues or friends.  Heart felt speaker

With the training that I have and the experience in questioning, I can usually find out a lot about what is REALLY in the way of a person’s confidence and their success.

Confidence is closely tied into success in most areas of achievement.  It takes confidence to follow one’s dreams, to take some risks, to believe in yourself, to speak up, to lead…..and more.

With everyone I talk to, it’s like there’s nothing I haven’t heard before, but it is also new.  A different experience of the same core problems.

Just by asking the right questions, the person can start to see the patterns in their life, and become aware of what really is sabotaging their success.

  • It’s not the fear of speaking, for example, it really is fear about making mistakes.
  • It’s not the fear of failure, it’s really the loss of control that success might mean for them.
  • It’s not the fear of selling, it’s really a belief that you shouldn’t promote yourself.

What I love about talking to someone, is that just by becoming aware of the patterns and the ‘real’ problem, they start to already change and see life differently.  That’s one of the reason’s I love what I do.

There are a lot of tools, techniques and strategies you can learn, and you need to learn them to be successful in business.  Unfortunately just following the blueprint of another person’s success won’t necessarily work for you….. if you don’t also model their mindset.

From an athlete perspective, that means you can model the technique of a champion athlete, but if you don’t have the same self-belief and unshakeable confidence, then you won’t enjoy the same success.

An investment viewpoint, by all means model the strategies of Warren Buffett, but you will also need to know how he thinks about risk taking, money management and more, if you are going to make the same billion-dollar making decisions that he does.

When it comes to improving speaking and leadership, learn and practice your skills, get clear on a captivating message, but most all step into the mindset, the confidence and who you need to BE to engage your audience and community.

This will mean stripping away some layers before you start building new ones.  Strip away the fears, the lack of confidence or simply any feelings of lack and not being enough.  They don’t serve you any more (and never did).

The good news is that it can be easy, when you work with someone who can help you see things from a completely different perspective.  Let me know if you want help with that!

You have every right to feel confidence in yourself and what you do, so get to the heart of it and claim it so you can achieve whatever you set your mind to this year and beyond.