Give credit before it’s due

Have you heard of the experiments where they give a teacher a random group of students and tell them that they are all “A” students.


These students do much better than those given to a teacher who was told their students were all “under-performers.”

It’s a great example of people only doing as well as we expect them to.   Dale Carnegie said “Give people a grand reputation to live up to.”  It can be a danger to wait for someone to do something grand before you respect them, or trust them.  Steven M.R. Covey demonstrates in “Smart Trust” that individuals and companies who trust, enjoy greater success and prosperity.

So how much credit do your give to others?  Let’s look at 3 ways this principle might show up in your life.

Your Expectations of Others:  If you are a coach or work with clients in some capacity, you definitely want to be expecting great things from your clients.  The more you expect from them, the more you will challenge them to reach that expectation.  The teacher with the supposedly “A” students expected that they could do the challenging work set for them.  How can you challenge those you work with to be even greater?

An interesting way this can play out in your life is when you are charging a fee for your services.  A common story I hear is that people undercharge because they think their client cannot afford the higher fee.   This is putting a low expectation on their client.  I’m amazed when people make this assumption without even knowing the other person’s situation.

Having higher expectations of other people includes expecting them to be resourceful to pay you what you are worth.

Others Expectations of You:  Do have someone in your life challenging you?  Do you feel like you are being picked on by your boss, a colleague or family member.  Or perhaps you are holding the scars of this happening in your past.

Consider that this person knew your potential and was trying to help you be your best – even if it didn’t always look like it.

If you find your being asked to do more than you can handle, just stop and consider – is that really true?  Is it time to lift your game and expect more from yourself?

Your Expectations of You:  Do you talk yourself down – the way you look?  Not enough credentials or education?  Not enough charisma?  Not interesting enough?  Comparing ourselves to others when it’s done negatively, doesn’t serve anybody.  We all have unique gifts and it’s time to give yourself credit.  Focus on what you do have.

Rather than focusing on the credentials you don’t have, focus on what you do have – what are your strengths?  what are you results?   It’s time to expect great things from yourself too.

Everyone has a self-worth account and several times a day you are making deposits or withdrawals into your account.  Your self-worth is linked to your net-worth, and so if you are not giving yourself credit in the self-worth account, then don’t expect things to change with your net worth.

Don’t wait for others to give you credit.  You are the best person to boost your own self-worth.

A champion mind appreciates themselves and even loves themselves – they focus on what they love; and can even appreciate the flaws.  Yes, they recognise that there is always something to work on and that doesn’t affect their ability to accept what is now.