Guide to a Better Speaking Performance

Last week I shared my lesson of persistence on the snowboard and how that translates to persistence in acquiring a new skill.  Today let’s explore how we can accelerate our results and reduce the errors/falls in performance.

On the third day on the snow, I ended up falling badly coming off the chairlift and breaking my wrist. Ouch! Usually, when things go wrong in our business or speaking performance, it’s not quite so painful – but there can be pain nonetheless.

It is said that if you don’t pay attention, you pay with pain.

So what can we pay attention to? How can we prevent pain in our performance, in front of an audience or behind the scenes.

Lesson 1: Get Expert Advice

If I was aiming to become proficient at snowboarding in a very short time, there is no doubt I would have sought one-on-one coaching. Instead I just had the basic introductory lesson and chose to learn by trial and error with helpful tips from my husband.

As an entrepreneur, who is helping you to become more proficient in a shorter time? In what areas are you seeking help?

If you are needing to perform through speaking to a live audience, then you want to be proficient it’s best not to learn by trial and error – imagine the loss of fans and revenue if you are stumbling over your presentation..

Lesson 2: Practice, Practice, Practice

At the very beginning our instructor showed us the correct way to fall, since the natural response is to fall on the wrist. We practiced correct falling a total of four or five times.

Guess how many times I practiced the ‘wrong way to fall’!? I lost count!

Practice the finer points of a presentation to leave nothing to chance. Where are you most likely to stumble in your presentation? This is what you need to prepare and practice most.

Areas I consider important to practice are the introduction, the transitions between components of a presentation, the offer and the conclusion. You don’t want to get through a great run and fall at the finish line.

Lesson 3: Practice doing it perfectly

The easiest way to practice perfectly is through visualization. Just as an athlete will rehearse their performance in their mind, a speaker/presenter can rehearse their performance the way they want it to be. This includes how you are feeling while speaking, your movements as well as your words.

Funnily enough, I did visually rehearse my snowboarding technique the night before. What I didn’t rehearse was correct falling and getting off the chairlift.

All these lessons pertain to any skill and performance.  If you need to perform throguh speaking so you can build your business, then I can help you.

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