Have You Got the Competitive Spirit?

Are you really focused on winning when it’s needed?  There are two ways to participate in a competition – just for the fun of it and see what result eventuates OR with an eye on winning, and have fun while you are doing it.

I am playing beach volleyball in my adopted home of Maui, mainly for fitness and fun.  With the summer, there have been weekly competitions and so I have been participating in those.  It’s quite a mix in levels of ability in the co-ed division. Even though I am still doing it for fun, I am also bringing another attitude to the game that’s not always there out of competition.

It brings my game to another level.   I have the same ability and technique but through a different focus I’m able to lift these to a higher and more consistent level.

During the week when I’m training/playing, I’m working on my skills and learning from mistakes.  On game day, I am focused on winning.  My strategy is to play the game that accentuates our strengths and matches up best against the weakness of our opposition.

I’m determined and I am driven to win.  It comes from within, and you can have it to, if you want it.  I don’t mean to play beach volleyball, or even sport.

In your career and business, there are times when you can work on your skills – negotiating, decision-making, presenting, coaching, sales – and sometimes you will need to try something new or a skills you don’t feel confident with.  You won’t improve unless you are prepared to take a risk making a mistake, perhaps even fall.  Hopefully it’s a calculated risk so the fall is only a small one, one that will give you the feedback you need to perfect your skill.

And then there are times when you need to focus on winning.  You need to be clear on your desired outcome – what does winning look like to you in the situation at hand?  You could be focused on getting that deal, that sale, networking or perhaps nailing that presentation.  These are the times when you bring your ‘A’ game.

In a game like volleyball, there is a defined winner, but the team that loses the game doesn’t have to consider themselves a loser – it depends on how they played the game.  Fortunately, in business competition doesn’t have to mean win-lose either, so forget the ‘win at all costs’ attitude.  I won’t enter into a deal or sale unless it’s in the best interests of everybody.

It starts with intention. When you go into your ‘competition’, you define what winning looks like to you.

How can you bring a competitive spirit or drive into your life to create more winning opportunities?

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Be sure to let me know what gives you the competitive edge?