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Leadership trainings are based on the communication skills and science of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and will help attendees to step up to lead themselves and others through personal ownership, effective communication and interpersonal skills.

3-hour and full-day workshops available. Programs tailored to company needs.

Individual Coaching and DISC profile tools on request.

Communication Mastery for Leadership

Be a leader through inspiration and learn strategies for effective communication and coaching of your team to create better results.  Learn the Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) tools that can be used conversationally to create better results.

  • How to create instant rapport with anybody
  • Principles for leading self and others to better results
  • Communication styles – understand others to speak their language
  • Empowering language patterns
  • An introduction to values and their role in team performance

You may know your business but unless you can inspire, motivate and connect with your team, then it’s not enough. Be an empowering leader that gets more out of your team.

Team Alignment for Success & Harmony

Organizations and teams succeed when they are working towards a common vision and goals and are able to communicate effectively towards it.

Annette has used the science of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to align members of sporting teams, as well as in personal relationships. They help the individuals have a great understanding of the motivations and differences of others so that they can use them to work cohesively.

  • Understand Values how to create alignment within an organization
  • Motivation through values and other personal differences
  • Use of meta-programs – an individual’s way of processing information and it’s effect on motivation, strengths and roles within a team.

These skills and tools help a leader create the best team for their organization, from hiring to firing to assigning roles. Get everyone aligned to improve cooperation, team culture and productivity.

Participants will be able to easily extract each other’s meta-programs in a simple 10-minute test.



“More than just an accomplished speaker and presenter, Annette has remarkable talent for taking a big picture concept and chunking it down to a detailed product. I engaged Annette to develop and craft a number of safety presentations and trainings for delivery to a range of people occupied in heavy mining and related industries. Annette delivered a comprehensive product consisting of valuable content, well-constructed slide shows, manuals and training logistics. She fulfilled what I had requested in a most timely and professional manner. Her presentations and trainings are pertinent and engaging. Annette powerfully facilitates accelerated teaching methods by audience participation and engagement. Her interesting life story combined with her remarkable delivery skills is captivating.

Mick Storch, The Bullion Group, http://www.thebulliongroup.com.au/

All talks can be adapted specifically to the audience needs for topic and timing. [dcscf-link action=”open”] or call [contact_us type=”phone”]

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