How Much Can You Let Go?

Ok, so you are feeling confident now with getting up and talking to people….to some extent.  How confident are you? 

Speaker TrainerAre you confident enough to really LET GO and be yourself on stage?  Are you confident enough to let go and be even bigger and perhaps more outrageous than you ever dared possible?

At this week’s speaker trainer workshop I dared the participants to extend their range of expression.  To go beyond what they are comfortable doing – and in doing so, feeling more comfortable with just getting up and speaking.

It’s the principle of overload that is commonly used in training for sport.

Athletes train to cope with pressure in competition by overloading the pressure in training – with complicated drills, distraction techniques, extra resistance.  For example, in training for beach volleyball we would play around with the point scoring system to make it harder to earn a point – you might have to win 3 points in a row to actually earn 1 point.

This helps the athlete increase their focus, their consistency and makes it easier to bring out the skills needed in competition.

What does this have to do with speaking? 

Speaking can be likened to a performance, even though I do encourage my students to be natural rather than put on an act.

As a speaker, if you extend your ability to speak in varying situations, or in varying styles….then when you need to perform your natural way, it feels super easy.

You can extend your range by going out of your comfort zone.  Be more outrageous OR if outrageous is your natural style then work on toning it down.  Experiment.

Go beyond communicating with just words (which is such a small part of communication), and use everything you have.  Body language is important and by knowing how your body and arms communicate you can move with purpose to help get your message across.

The wrong body movements or postures may be mixing up your messages and confusing your audience, so take the time to learn how to do this right.

Using your body movement, changing your tonality, adding in emotion can all help you to become and even better speaker and communicator.

If you are thinking “there is so much to learn” don’t worry.  When you add in the different ingredients one at a time, you will find yourself doing it all easily, just like when you learned how to drive and now can coordinate the different actions.

Speaking and presenting can be fun when you allow it to be.

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  1. Hi Annette.Thanks for your insights.I have my first big presentation this Sat for Love Doctor…So will make sure I apply your tips 😉 xxx

  2. Hey Claire, hope the presentation went well today.

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