How Much do You Want it?

I am so proud and inspired by my friend, Olympic Gold Medalist, former team-mate and former nemesis, Natalie Cook, who has defied the odds and qualified for the London Olympic Games ( ) – her 5th, a record for an Australian women at the summer games.

What kind of motivation does it take to make it to one Olympics, let alone five?   What drives one to go the extra distance?

When I talk to audiences about the power of setting goals I always share the difference between Cook and myself – my goal was to get to the Olympics and that’s what I achieved.  I had dreamed of it from when I was 10 years old.  I didn’t dare dream for a medal- I didn’t think I had what it takes to be that good.  When beach volleyball was announced as an Olympic sport back in 1992/93 Natalie Cook immediately thought of GOLD.

She stayed focused, and after bronze in Atlanta, 1996, went on to win Gold in Sydney, 2000.

Dominant in the sport and always a threat to challenge for medals up until her 4th Olympics 2008, things got tougher after that.  Injuries, surgery and a much needed break from the sport, almost ended in retirement.

But there was something more for Natalie.  There was still a bigger WHY to continue pushing her body and will to another level.

I have been watching US television series of Bud Greenspan’s highlights from Olympic history – stories of success, resilience, comebacks – all with a common theme, a strong will to win.

When you think about a basic human need – survival – everyone has this, and will do anything to survive.  Imagine then applying that same strong need to winning or achieving your goal.

Imagine just going and going, intending that nothing is going to stop you.

Napoleon Hill’s revered Think and Grow Rich is a must-read for anyone.  The underlying theme to the book is the power of your desire.  How much do you really want your goal, your vision?

Desire, love and passion are all energetic forces that will help you succeed.  Think of that energy as a currency that can buy you anything you want in the world.

You have got it in you.  You have even used it at some time.  Remember a time when you wanted something really badly.  Not the kind of want that imagines that you will never have it – a defeated kind of want.  No.  The kind of want that sparked in you a determination and all you were focused on was getting that ‘prize’.  Maybe it came easily, sometimes it does, but you still had that desire.

Desire will help you overcome the biggest obstacle.  It will help you define what it is you really want.  It will provide the basis for your WHY to do the things that other people won’t.  It will help you beat the odds.

Think about your goal.  How much do you want it?  Are you prepared to make it happen, no matter what?

Check out the news on Cook’s success here and here.

4 replies to How Much do You Want it?

  1. This is a great article Annette and so true. But you know, getting to the Olympics was your Gold Medal, and you did that so kudos to you too. It’s still more than many of us will ever achieve. We all have our own gold medal and it keeps expanding as we grow.

  2. So true Joan. Thank you. It’s all about getting clear about what it is YOU want and then how much you want that. What are you prepared to do for your gold medal in life?

  3. Great article Annette!

    And great job Nat and Tamsin! Inspiring stuff.

    Yes I agree with Joan, each persons Gold Medal is different and that’s what makes us all unique! My gold medal will be finishing my health and wellness book of which Nat and Annette have been an inspiration along my path.

    Cant wait to see all the athletes reaching for their dreams at the up and coming Olympics.


  4. Thanks Carla, great to see that steps you are taking towards your gold medal. Looking forward to reading it. And yes, bring on London.

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