How the World Sees You

To be a successful speaker you want to FASCINATE your audience, and now you can get the advantage on this with a gift.Sally Hogshead

Branding expert and leading authority on the science of fascination, Sally Hogshead, has just published her new book How the World Sees You (July 1.)

To celebrate the insights gained from a decade of research, she is launching Project Fascination with the goal of showing 100,000 people how their personalities add value.

As a part of this project, she’s given me a special code to share with to you.

The first 100 people who use it to take her Fascination Advantage® assessment will receive the assessment for free! This has never been done before, and will only last until July 25.

The best part is, you will trigger a chain reaction—a pay it forward situation. When you take the assessment using code BL-ALynch you will receive 100 assessments to share with your circle for free, too!

That’s $3700 of free market research at your fingertips!

So how do you take the assessment? Simple.

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter the code BL-ALynch and create a user account.
  3. Complete the assessment. (It takes 5 minutes.) You’ll immediately receive your in-depth, custom report, which identifies your personality advantage.
  4. You will then receive instructions on how to share the gift with 100 of your friends, clients and colleagues.

That’s it. Now you’re ready to discover how your personality is custom built for certain situations, and which situations you should learn to avoid.

28 questions. 5 minutes. A whole new way to communicate your value.

Your Fascination Advantage® Report is the first big step towards knowing how your personality can be heard and remembered in an overcrowded market. Sharing the assessment will help others do the same.

Find everything you need to put this knowledge into practice with your co-­‐workers, close friends and significant other in Sally’s new book, How the World Sees You.

secret-weapon-speaker-trainingMy passion is helping YOU to shine and communicate your brilliance, and this tool is an excellent way to help you get your message and value out in the most authentic and effective way.

Remember that your code will expire July 25. Don’t let this $3700 value go to waste! Take the Assessment today and encourage your friends and followers to do the same.

I discovered that my profile is “The Secret Weapon” combining Mystique (the Language of Listening) with Innovation (the Language of Creativity).  Three adjectives that describe me are Nimble, Unassuming and Independent.

The detailed description really ties into why I find it so easy to turn complex ideas and information into simple and clear presentations.

When you have finished the test, please come back and share what you think of the assessment, your result and how that helps you express yourself.