Hurdles are part of the race

Hurdles part of the raceI was chatting with someone during a strategy session and we came to discussing the hurdles we face as we chase our goals.  These are the inevitable obstacles that get in the way and slow us down and cause some to even quit on their dreams.

I started talking about embracing the hurdles and I got an image of the typical track and field hurdle race.  These hurdles are part of the race and leaping over them in a speedy fashion are what sets these competitors apart.  Often these athletes are not as successful at the flat race.  They need these hurdles to excel.

Think about the hurdles, obstacles or challenges you are currently facing.  What if these are the very things that will make you great and succeed?

It reminds me of a girlfriend who was questioning whether to proceed with dating a guy she just met.  She felt he wasn’t Mr Right.  I proposed to her “What if” she had to date this Mr Not so Right in order to take the path that would lead to Mr Right?  What if there was something to learn right here right now from this current potential relationship?  A lesson that had to be learned – so why not learn it now and be on the path to success?

Look again at your current situation that may not be working out as desired.  What is there to embrace and to use as a strength moving forward?  How can you taken this time to be even stronger so that you too can come out a champion?

Like the physical race, it takes practice, skills and the right mindset to conquer the hurdles in a timely fashion.  You can do it by trial and error, or you can get help by someone sitting on the sidelines who can give you a different perspective.

I am now accepting applications for free Game Changing Strategy Sessions.  If you’d like some help taking on those hurdles then contact me using this link.

Please share about a hurdle or obstacle you face that became a stepping stone to your success….