If it has to mean something, make it rock!

Have you ever stopped to think about all the meaning you are placing on everything that might happen in your day?  The look on someone’s face? A word? Pain?  Even this time of year, Christmas, brings up different meanings based on your upbringing, your religion, and own experiences.

Often we create misunderstandings with friends, family and loved ones because of the meaning we place on looks, words or even silence.  We create these stories in our head and we are convinced they are true.  Think about it, when you have done this.

There was a time when I would feel a tickle in the back of my throat and I knew it meant I was getting a cold.  Invariably it did turn into a cold by the next day.  What if I made it mean something else?

Why I am bringing it up in my blog today, is because I have been speaking to people about the fear of speaking.  This shows up as nervousness, anxiety, sweating, stuttering, etc. 

Some people are fine once they start speaking but that initial nerves and anxious feeling can be so overwhelming that it might prevent them from getting started, or even saying yes to a speaking opportunity.

Now, entrepreneurs know that the easiest way to grow a business and attract clients is to speak to groups.  So, one has to overcome that nervous or anxious feeling.

So here’s a little tip that relates to where I started:

What if that feeling you feel (butterflies, wobbly knees, sweating….) simply meant that you were ready to do an awesome presentation?  What if it actually was a good feeling?

I remember getting ready to be the co-host for a huge show with over 1,000 people in the audience.  I was excited and I felt ready, but my body was saying different – I was shaking.  Lucky I knew the secret – to tell myself this was a great feeling and I was about to rock the house.  And I did.  And it was much better than starting down the path of thinking it was terrible and it meant I was nervous, and that meant……..and so on.

Get my point?

I did this even when I was playing international level beach volleyball.  If I was having a terrible warm-up, especially with my spiking, then I ‘knew’ I was going to have an amazing game. It meant I wasn’t wasting my best hits for the warm-up.  It usually turned out correct.

You can have fun with this – next time you trip or stumble, make that mean something fantastic is going to happen; when someone laughs at your idea, make that mean it is going to be so successful that it’s laughable.  Sound like fun?

Embrace the feeling and make it a positive.  Now you only have to worry if you don’t get that feeling, ha ha.

By the way….that tickle in my throat!  I now tell myself how good it is to feel my body healing itself.  That tickle is my body’s immune system kicking in.  Ever since I changed the meaning, I don’t get colds.

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