Just for laughs

When it comes to speaking on stage, it’s really important to define your style, to be yourself on stage, to be natural and authentic. If you are putting on a performance like an actor, then it’s really hard for people to buy into it. They buy into the performance, but really they want to know you, they want you to take your mask off.

Therefore, it’s about finding and defining who you are, who you want to be. One area where people really try hard is with humor. Injecting humor into their presentation. I’ve seen some speakers who have been told, “Start with a joke. Get people laughing.” But, if they are not natural joke tellers, then they can really fall flat.

If you want to bring humor into your style, think about how you relate to humor in the real world. How do you get laughs with other people?I’m sure you gets laughs somehow.

My way of bringing humor into my presentations is through my wit, looking at a moment or situation and thinking what’s funny about it; something funny about that moment. It’s generally spur of the moment and I do get laughs.

After a week of training a class, one of the ladies helping me said “You know, you ARE funny”. It probably helped that at the beginning of the week I told the audience “You know, I’m going be pretty funny”.

If you tell jokes, great, you can use jokes, but be sure to make sure your jokes in tie into your presentation in somewhat, so they are not just put in there meaninglessly.

There is a bit of magic to using humor in a presentation. Finding a way you can do it that comes across naturally is key. And people will love you for it.

Have fun!