Keeping the Dreams Real

Why do some people dream and dream, and other people get out and actually live their dreams?  Why do some people stop dreaming or limit their dreams?

It can come down to your experience with dreams – if you had dreams when you were young, like 10 years old (and I bet you had a dream then), and someone told you, to get real, forget about your dream – then sadly, you may have been hardwired to never dare to dream.

Or you might have dreamed and failed, and therefore figured that dreams are for fairytales or for select people that have special skills or talents.

You see some people don’t believe they have the special skills or talents to be successful.  They don’t believe in themselves, or in their dreams.

This lack of belief either stops them dreaming, limits their dreams or puts their dreams in the ‘wishful thinking’ box.

This belief in ourselves can come in all forms and different depths.  For example, I had strong beliefs in my abilities with sport and I had a belief within that if I worked hard enough and stuck at it, I could make it to the Olympics.  That belief helped me to achieve my dream.

I didn’t have that same belief in other areas of my life – like relationships, business and finances.

That doesn’t mean my belief couldn’t change, and it did.

Your beliefs shape your reality – what you can and can’t do, what life looks like, what is possible.  Your beliefs are based on your experiences and so many people wait for things to happen to belief it.

What if it’s the other way round…….You’ll see it when you believe it!

“Okay, so I just start believing in myself and my dreams.  That’s all I have to do?” might be thinking.

We need to expose your current belief for the lie that it is.  You see whatever you believe – it’s not true.  Even if you have a great belief that helps you, for example I grew up believing I am special.  I’m no more special that any one, but believing that sure helped me to stick at things and make things happen in my life.  I’m okay with it not being true, but believing it is true for me is what counts.

When you can see that a belief you have doesn’t help you, it is worth considering whether it really is true.  What if it wasn’t?  How you would you feel then?

It’s not always easy to do on your own, which is why I love sessions with my own coach to help me see things differently.  You can’t fix your problems with the same mind that is causing them.

Working through your BS (belief systems) is a key part of making your dreams real to you.  When you can see what is possible for you, don’t blame me if your dreams start getting a little bigger.

The dreams you have about having more money becomes easier when you let go of beliefs or fears about not being worthy, of not having the necessary skills, of not knowing enough, etc.

Your dreams about your career or your role in life becomes easier when you let go of beliefs that you can’t promote yourself, you can’t sell, you don’t have the confidence……

What do you believe?

When you believe in yourself and your dreams anything is possible.  This is what I call Winning Confidence.  If you want to find out more about your winning confidence, then Contact Us below.