Step Into The Leader You Are

leadership styleEveryone is a leader in some way, so are you being the best leader you can be, and are your peeps paying attention?

“I’m not a leader,” you might think… but my bet, is that in some area of life you are.  Whether it is as a parent, as a role model to somebody or a leader in your community.

There is more than one way to be a leader so don’t let any preconceived ideas on leadership stop you from stepping up and taking a leadership role when asked.

All leaders DO NEED to have a level of confidence, and a lot of times confidence can be eroded by self-doubt and comparison.

If you think you should be, look or act a certain way and you don’t quite meet that standard, then there goes your self-confidence.

Confidence can come from owning your strengths and your way of doing things.  When you realize there is no particular ‘better’ way or ‘right’ way and there is only ‘different’ ways – then you can come to appreciate YOUR way.

Daniel Goleman talks about 6 types of leadership styles in his book, “Primal Leadership.”

1. Coaching – this is characterized by asking lots of questions to bring out the best in others.

2. Visionary – inspiring others through one’s vision of what is possible.

3. Commanding – giving clear direction and orders.

4. Democratic – listening to input from everybody to guide direction of the group.

5. Affiliative – a collaboration that ensures everyone is feeling good and there is team harmony.

6. Pace Setting – the leader that sets the pace by being a role model for success.

There is much more details that goes with each of these styles and the important thing is it to know that there is no good or bad with any of these styles.  Each style has pros and cons as well as best times to use them.

I don’t consider myself a Commanding type leader, and yet have found times to adopt the style to get things done – with positive response and effect.  Sometimes people need that clear direction, and other times they appreciate the collaborative approach.

From another point of view, I have talked about Sally Hogshead’s work in previous posts.  In “How the World Sees You“, Sally talks about 7 different advantages for communication and that you can be of best service by using your primary advantage.

The 7 languages are that of listening (Mystique), relationships (Passion), confidence (Power), excellence (Prestige), details (Alert), creativity (Innovation) and stability (Trust).

You are most fascinating in two of these languages and you lead best when you operate from these advantages.  That doesn’t mean you are not able to access all styles/languages, but you will struggle if you try and operate outside of your strength.

I personally am not going to lead at my best by pretending to be exuberant and passionate – though I will have fun in my creative witty way.  I am not the most reliable and consistent person (sorry to say) but I do wait and listen and know when the right time to act is now.

The key to all of this is self-awareness.

Consider these questions:

  • How are you currently showing up as a leader?
  • How do you want to lead?
  • Who do you want to lead?
  • Is it time to say YES to a leadership role in your team/group/community?

You can lead and even inspire through:

  • Your message – the information that you share can help other people in their business and lives.  In this style you would be a teacher and coach, encouraging people that they can do it.
  • Your story – by sharing your story, your attitudes, your approach to life, you are a role model and inspire others to make changes.
  • Your actions – be a role model, walk the talk, volunteer or simply speak up.

The world is tuning in to a more authentic type of leader, so step in your own personal power and BE the leader you already are.

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Please tell me here how you are showing up as a leader.