Learning to fly

Last week my friend shared with me a cute experience she had watching a bird learning to fly that immediately made me think of the analogies to life and stepping out into new ventures.

My friend was watching a baby bird that had strayed from its nest and family.  At first it appeared alone, and then she saw that the momma bird was nearby but hadn’t spotted it.  My friend decided to help the situation by approaching the baby bird to scare it a little and make it squawk.  She continued to do this until the momma bird’s attention was aroused.

What happened next was interesting.

Now, the momma bird encouraged its offspring to make its way back up to the nest.  Quite a big journey to do in one big step, especially with immature wings that had yet to learn to fly. So what did it do.

Momma encouraged the baby bird to flap its wings and get to the next level first.  Not very far, but within distance of the baby bird’s capacity.  Once it reached the next level or branch of the tree, she sought out another level that the baby bird could make safely.

All the while the baby bird was strengthening its wings and learning to fly – supported, encouraged and shown the way.

How can you apply this to your life?

1.  Ask for help, call out for attention.  You don’t have to do it alone!

2. Have someone who believes in you and wants the very best for you – if you’re family or friends don’t support you, hang around with people who do.  When you are working with a coach or mentor, make sure that they hold you to a high standard.

3. Break down your big goals to small steps and focus on getting to that first step.  One step at a time, in line with your goal, will take you to success.  Having a system for planning your weeks and months can help with this.

Did you know that eagles push their offspring out of the nest to learn to fly.  They also stay alongside the falling/flapping fledgling and are there to catch them when they don’t get it right. Two different ways to learn to fly and yet both have a supporter and coach to help them achieve their new skill.

Are you tired of doing it alone?  What kind of coach do you need to support you, encourage you and show you how to achieve your goals? If you have decided now is the time to have a helping hand, then go here to learn how you can turn your dreams into real results.

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  1. Asking for help is definitely one of the best pieces of advice.. there are so many people out there willing to help others, whether it be a stranger or a family member, you just have to network and ASK for things. Great advice!

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