Mapping Your Success

Presentation BlueprintOne of my favorite tools that I use and share with others is Mind-Mapping.

I use it for preparing messages, articles and even taking notes from other books.  I also use it to plan my projects and even goals.

Popularized by Tony Buzan, a mind map is basically a diagram showing how points or ideas are linked so that you can easily see at one glance how everything fits together.  As ideas come to you, you can place it into the appropriate place on the map.

You can map it on paper (I always start there) and then you can also map it on your computer using software.  There are various levels of software out there and I have found suits all my needs.

This technique is great for those who get overwhelmed by the enormity of a project or writing a presentation.  I go in more depth on how to use mind mapping to write a presentation in Your Presentation Blueprint which can also make it easy to remember your talk.

Do you need to bring in some extra cash?  Map it out so you can see the various ways you can do that, and then you can hone in on the method that works best for you.

Thinking of starting a business?  Start out with a mind map to work out the various aspects – different departments?  different revenue streams?

Have a big goal for the next year and not sure how it’s possible?  Map it out so you can slowly sees the steps that make it easy to take the next step.  By branching out you start to see the possibilities where before there was just one big gap.

What do you use mind mapping for?