Must you be Broken to be Fixed?

There is an idea amongst some that if you get psychological help then you must be broken.  This was reinforced to me just yesterday, speaking with an Olympic athlete who had this concept thrust upon her when competing, by her coach.  Imagine being young and impressionable and told that the only reason to get professional help, was that you were sick or unstable. 

It doesn’t really support you to get the help you possibly need.  It doesn’t support you to even talk about the problem you might be facing.

Do you really need to be ‘broken’ before asking for help?

This was some of the issues I found in trying to approach athletes to help them create success beyond sport.  Many of them have this tough attitude that they should be able to manage on their own.  That it would be a sign of weakness to ask for help.

I see this issue affecting more than athletes, and not just in reference to psychology.  Some people think coaching is just for people that are struggling, have big problems or can’t figure things out on their own.

Although this is a reason why some people may look for a coach, there is a better reason – the desire to continually improve.  An elite athlete has a coach, not just to work on their weaknesses, they are working with a coach to improve their strengths – so they can be their best and win.

Computers, cars and aeroplanes have constantly improved over decades due to this attention to making things better.  Each model works well and yet engineers and designers are looking for improvements in speed, efficiency, aesthetics, comfort, etc.

This requires constant attention to the fine distinctions that can make all the difference.  Little differences like the angle of a golf club can have a big impact on accuracy and length for a golfer.

It is these same distinctions that can make a big difference in your business and life results.  Poor habits done consistently can bring your results down, just as improved habits can improve your results.  Some of these habits are not even obvious – some are physical habits, and many of them are actually ‘thinking’ habits.

How are you thinking on a daily basis and impacting the achievement of your goals?

Just because we might look at ‘thinking’, it doesn’t mean that your thinking is broken or defective.  It means that there can be improvement.

What I love about the techniques I use, is the rapid results that can be created just by changing one’s thoughts.  Where previously you saw roadblocks and impossibility, we can change that to see the opportunities and possibilities.

We need to make it okay to talk about one’s challenges.  We all have challenges, and so of course, there is nothing sick about that.  Having challenges and wanting to seek help should not be a sign of weakness, but one of courage – strength to face up to our challenges so that we can overcome them.

Whether you have challenges or you are on a quest to uplevel your life and business, you can benefit from working with somone who will help you to see things differently.

If you would like to talk about your challenges or the opportunities to do things better, then contact me for this month’s Discovery Session.  I have allocated time in my schedule to help you take a leap to getting the results and the financial reward you desire in your business.  Apply here.

Please share you views on dealing with challenges and who you ask for help.