How Public Speaking Can Help Your Business

Your public speaking ability will influence your ability to sell – to sell yourself, to sell your services, to sell your ideas.Public speaking

If you are in business, either as an entrepreneur, or an executive with a leadership role within a company – then your ability to communicate will have a huge impact on your level of success.

Warren Buffett, who ranks in the top 3 richest people in the world, credits a lot of his success to his ability with public speaking.  He decided early in his career that if he was going to be an influential leader that he needed to know how to communicate and get his message across effectively.

Warren Buffett has made his fortune through shrewd investing and he took speaker training!

There are many aspects to public speaking that will help you in the every day running of your business –

  • Your ability to communicate to potential clients;
  • Your confidence in your own value;
  • Your confidence in expressing your opinion and being heard;
  • Being seen as a leader in your company and your community.

A lot of people that benefit from speaker training do not ever intend to become public speakers, but imagine feeling comfortable enough to say YES to an opportunity to speak about what you do, or about a subject that you are passionate about?

Imagine feeling comfortable enough to stand up in a group and ask a question. 

I know!….Some people find even that a challenge.  Some people will put their hope on someone else asking the question or they leave with their questions unanswered.

And one thing I am absolutely sure of, is that the quality of the answers you receive in life, is in proportion to the quality of the questions you ask.  So you have got to have the confidence to speak, to ask questions, to have your say.

Most of all, speaking is an opportunity to be heard by many.  If you want to tell people about what you do, and what you have to offer or how you can help them – then isn’t it better leverage of your time to talk to many people at once?

Speaking to groups can help break the ice, get your message out and then build the trust and connection so that you can then follow-up easily with those all important one-on-one relationships.

That leverage is biggest reason why it pays to improve your public speaking skills and confidence.

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