Can I get real with you?

Last week I did a photo shoot and I posted some photos on Facebook…my favourite photos. I got the usual “likes” and “favourable comments” and I even got a comment that I looked forever 21.

I looked in the mirror and I laughed…because I could see the lines that said “I’m not 21!”  It got me thinking, what if I did post some of the other photos…the ones that did show the lines, the ones that didn’t have the perfect lighting, etc.

And then I was preparing to shoot this video and thought about the make-up and the clothes and all the preparation to get ready for a video and  I STOPPED and thought:

“What if I didn’t put on the mask?

“What if I just showed the real ME?”

Now, I am really grateful and blessed with good genetics and I don’t look too completely different, and you might think…it’s easy for me.

But, this is really not about the looks, and it’s also not to say in the next video I won’t wear make-up and worry about the look…because I still care.

What this IS about, is about FULLY accepting yourself, as is, and embracing yourself.

Because, when we fully accept ourselves as is, it makes us more comfortable in any realm, an d make-up is not to cover-up low self-esteem.  It can ADD to what you do.

When make-up is replacing low self-esteem, there can be a DISCONNECT.  There can be a disconnect between YOU and yourself, and there can be a disconnect between you and your audience.

And this is not about LOOKS.  It is about embracing yourself completely.  All your flaws…….because we are all fallible, aren’t we.  Accepting yourself completely.

I learned this a while ago.

There was a time when I really cared about HOW I looked.  So much so, that I resorted to some terrible means.  I was pretty ashamed of both my body weight and the means I used to stay that way.

I was 20 when I started being a bulimic, and 31 before I told anyone….I told my mum and shared that secret; and it wasn’t until I was 36/37 that I finally gave it away.

What really helped me to STOP IT was my identity.  I identified with being healthy, I identified with NOT being bulimic, I identified with not doing that kind of thing…

I DECIDED – “I don’t do that anymore.”

There are a few times when I have felt that I might resort to that bulimic behaviour again, but that decision, that I don’t do that anymore, would help me to get over it.

Most importantly it enabled me to accept myself.

Now, I still look after myself, I still care how I look. But it’s not about who I AM – I remember my grandfather trying to teach me that a long time ago.

Annette Lynch Speaker Training
Photo shoot at Grand Wailea

So, what part of you do you still need to fully embrace and accept?

What mask do you need to remove, that when you remove it will allow you to fully liberate yourself,  fully live AND to connect with your brilliance?

Remember, you are brilliant so dare to Shine.

I help my clients to remove their masks, and to connect with their brilliance so if that is something that resonates with you then please contact me and lets talk.This is Annette Lynch Speaking.