Looking Back to Now

There are a lot of people in my industry focusing on 2014 with plans for success – success with your business, success with weight loss or health goals, success with transforming your life.Past_Future

I know this because I’m one of them, and have a few programs in my mind to help Jumpstart your 2014.


…..before you start planning your new year, I want you to take some time to reflect.

Reflect on the year that was, and also reflect on where you are at right now in your life.

You see to get from A to B, as well as knowing B (where you want to go), you need to be clear and honest about A, where you are right now.

The year to date

Overall, was 2013 good or bad? When you think about your year, what do you find yourself focusing on? Are you focusing on the achievements?  Or are you more focused on the things that didn’t work out as planned or hoped?

If we don’t take conscious control of our focus, we might find ourselves biased towards certain results.  Because of a few bad outcomes, we might think everything was bad.

So take some time to write down – the positive results you experienced.  What went well?  What surprised you?  With this information, I want you to celebrate your achievement, and also learn.  There is as much to learn from a positive experience as there is from a negative one.

What actions or thoughts led to the positive results? What could you do more of, to reproduce more of these positive results.

OK, now you can write the results you didn’t like.  What didn’t work out as planned?  What did you learn from these?  What minor adjustments can you make that will turn these results around?


Being clear about where you are at now, will help you plan your future.  It will help you set realistic goals.  It’s no use setting yourself a goal of making one million dollars in 2014 if you struggled to make 6 figures in 2013, and you don’t have a foundation or a plan to make that kind of money.

Furthermore, seeing where you are at can help formulate your goals.  You can see what in your life and current results you do like and want more of, and what don’t you like and want to change.

Do a check on your finances, your resources (people in your network and on your team), your level of education or skills, and your opportunities.  What do you have that can help you move forward in the way you desire?

Take some time to reflect and to celebrate your year, and then set some time aside to plan an even better 2014.  If you would like some help with that, then please contact me – apply for a Jumpstart your Confidence Breakthrough Session (it’s free).

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  1. Great article Annette. It is so important to celebrate what went well this year and have a look at what didn’t go quite so well before planning to move forwards.
    Wish I was on Maui…..

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