Speaking & Presentation Skills Training

Do you want to be a Game Changer – a speaker or leader that inspires change in others for the better?

If you want to make a bigger impact or if you have ever been challenged by putting a captivating presentation together – from what to say to how to say it – then you’ve come to the right page.

If you have a message that needs to be heard then I can help you to turn your ideas into a clear message with substance. 

I’m here to pull back the curtain and reveal all of the skills, tips, tricks and secrets I have learned over 15+ years as a professional speaker — so that you can own your voice and the stage, be authentic with speaking to be able to connect and  inspire action from your audience.

From newbie to seasoned pro you will find a training package here to take your confidence, message and delivery to the next level.

Power-Packed Intensive Sessions to Fast-Forward You Presentation Skills

VIP Presentation Skills TrainingDo you have a presentation coming up? Or are you ready to attract droves of raving fans? Then spend a FULL or HALF VIP DAY with me, either virtually over skype, or face-to-face. (What a great excuse to come to Maui!!).

We will focus on what you need most:

  • Speaking with confidence
  • Crafting your message
  • Delivering with style
  • Taking ownership of your expertise
  • Connecting with any audience
  • Fine-tuning your stories

By the time we’ve finished, you’ll be able to ROCK your next presentation.  Have the audience wrapped around your fingers, listening to every word, entranced, wanting more of what you’ve got.

VIP Days include checklists and done-for-you templates to make public speaking and attracting clients even easier.

Speaker Training“I have been building a successful coaching practice over the past 6 years and I was feeling ready to develop my professional self to the next level. One of the most significant learning points for me was how to use a structure to organize my thoughts. Annette really listened to me and helped me to see the many small things that I could be doing to make my message clear and impactful.

Our short time together, really sent me on a search these past weeks…and this process became more work than I thought and evolved into a deeper reflective process than expected.   Now that I have my story on paper I feel really confident about putting it into a bio format and even more confident about weaving it into the keynotes and presentations that I do.”
Lynnette Rumble Principle AIM Coaching, www.aimcoaching.ca

Apply to work with Annette and find out more on how a VIP day or other program can help you.


public speakingPRESENTATION MAKEOVER – A One Hour Transformation

Use this hour to fine-tune your presentation and presentation skills for public speaking.  We will focus on what you need most – you message, your delivery, your confidence?

This is a simple and great value option for someone who has public speaking experience and wants some tweaks and polish to bring out their best.  Work through my Presentation Blueprint to make it easier to create your signature message.


your presentation blueprintDownloadable Audio Course

Workshop your message with YOUR PRESENTATION BLUEPRINT – to turn your ideas into captivating presentations.  A 2+ hour online training that will help you craft your message easily and effectively.  Learn More

What Client’s Say

Public speaking client“From the moment I met Annette, I knew she could help me!  She is brilliant at supporting me to be more comfortable in front of the camera.   She says what needs to be said,  in a matter of fact way,  with no judgment, and I just love that. In seconds,  she helped me go from feeling awkward to super comfortable…just amazing…and at my next speaking event, I was able to use the tools she shared to be totally relaxed and focused. Now that is empowering!! She is a total rock star and will help you feel like one too! :–)”

Jennifer Johnson, Coach of the Feminine Soul, www.TheJenniferJohnson.com

Public speaking client“In the past, I’ve had severe moments of stage fright which included rising anxiety, sweating, doubting myself and even thinking of ways to get out of my commitment to speak! Thankfully, the anxiety would disappear once I made it through the first couple of minutes. Another HUGE issue for me was over-delivering information and not keeping my content within a time limit. I also rarely ever used a presentation more than once.

During my session with Annette, I learned a cool trick to reduce my anxiety AND how to structure my talks in a way where I am delivering consumable information to my audience without overwhelming them; and using my best stories to drive home a point.   Annette also taught me a trick to tweak one main presentation to appeal to different audiences.

With several speaking engagements booked next month and more requests rolling in, I now feel SO much more at ease and confident about helping my audience move forward in their business and life through my speaking.  And for those attendees who do want continued guidance and support, then they’ll know that I’m here to help them through the process. I can hardly wait for my next speaking engagement!

Annette Lynch is an expert who has obviously walked her talk, and she has a gift to teach strategic speaking skills. I would recommend Annette to business owners who want to leverage speaking opportunities to help more people and simultaneously grow their business with ideal clients.

Melody Granger, The Well Organized Entrepeneur, www.MelodyGranger.com

Public speaking client“Before working with Annette, I lacked clarity around my core message as a speaker.  Annette quickly focused upon my core strengths and passions and immediately I got off the phone, I began streamlining and restructuring my website to align with my core message.  I would highly recommend this coaching to anyone who wants to get clarity, direction and action steps around their speaking.”

Kimberley Lovell, Soul Purpose Coach & Intuitive Business Mentor. www.KimberleyLovell.com

Public speaking client“After the first few minutes of my session with Annette, I knew I had chosen the right person to help me hone my speaking skills. She immediately put me at ease and allowed me to stop questioning myself.

Though I’m a fairly seasoned public speaker, I’ve not had the confidence that I was as effective in reaching my audience as I knew I could be. I never really had a vision of how to present, I was always winging it while speaking from the heart.

Knowing how to speak spontaneously is great, but with Annette’s help, I now have a clear plan and structure for my speaking that allows me to deliver my message with much more clarity and connection to my listeners than I have previously experienced.

I would highly recommend anyone to work with Annette whether you are brand new in the spotlight or if you are looking to polish your speaking and raise your skills to a higher, more confident, more effective level. She has a real gift. Thank you, Annette!

Kate Arnold. Certified Hand Analyst and Recovery Specialist, Money Breakthrough Method Coach (TM) www.HandWisdom.com

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