Success is Within You

Success QuoteOn my journey to playing in the Olympics in Sydney 2000, I overcame a lot of obstacles – the biggest one was not having people around me to say “You can do it.”

Fortunately, I didn’t rely on the belief of others. The only way I would know whether I could or couldn’t was if I kept going…. if I backed myself.

I did keep going and did represent Australia at the Sydney Olympics in Beach Volleyball.

On retirement, I struggled to believe in myself and my skills OFF the volleyball court. I stopped chasing dreams and what it is I really wanted, and instead stepped back into my comfort zone.

It wasn’t until someone woke me up and I started to look within myself again for belief, hope and desire that I found a new commitment to my future and to success. I once again backed myself to achieve anything I set my mind to.

It is within you to succeed and to achieve your dreams. Don’t let circumstances or others limit what you aim for. Even if you fail in achieving your ultimate goal, you will achieve so much more than if you play small and do not strive at all.

Who I became along the way to the Olympics, and even more so in my journey since ….is more important than the achievement.

John Wooden, famous UCLA coach, was a big inspiration to me, and he said:

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.

In years since the Olympics I had coaches for on and off the court who supported me and believed in me. What a difference that did make. It’s a bonus and something worth finding – create an environment where you do feel supported.

I now work with elite athletes, speakers and business leaders to believe in themselves and to create action plans so that they can chase their dreams and success – it’s beyond sport.

You can read my full story in my book, Success beyond Sport.

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