Appreciate Your Way to Winning

A topic dear to my heart is the art of appreciation and what I find over and over again is how challenging it can be to appreciate ourselves.  We don’t give ourselves enough credit, or we think that by being ‘tough’ on ourselves, that is the way that we get results. It happens a lot in sport.  You may know, or have had a coach, that has the tough critical eye.  You can never get it right, or good enough – there is always something ‘wrong’ and always something to improve. I don’t know if this has ever happened to

The Power of Acceptance

My beloved father passed away over a week ago and in experiencing different emotions through the loss, it got me thinking about the power of acceptance.  We have all lost something at certain points – the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, the loss of direction, etc.  We can either focus on the loss and what we no longer have or we can choose to focus on what we gained from the experience, and what we now have. My father lived a long life and so it might be easier for me to accept the loss. 

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

What are you seeing and, more importantly, what are you missing?  We laughed at our room-mate the other day because when my husband commented about the chair in the hallway (it stops our dog running into the wall), she asked “what chair?  She had been completely unaware of it, despite living here for 6 weeks already. I explained that it was a common phenomena and we often don’t see everything in our surrounds.  That explains why you can’t see the jar of honey or jam standing right in front of you while looking in the cupboard or fridge.  I’m sure