Keeping the Dreams Real

Why do some people dream and dream, and other people get out and actually live their dreams?  Why do some people stop dreaming or limit their dreams? It can come down to your experience with dreams – if you had dreams when you were young, like 10 years old (and I bet you had a dream then), and someone told you, to get real, forget about your dream – then sadly, you may have been hardwired to never dare to dream. Or you might have dreamed and failed, and therefore figured that dreams are for fairytales or for select people

What do you expect?

The Olympics is in the mind of most people I know and we are already getting to see a mix of results – some exceeding expectations, some stumbling and performing below their potential and some going to do exactly as they planned.  There are so many factors that can affect performance on the day, and if it was just physical then there would be no upsets.  Mental preparation is key to perform to expectations. But what about those expectations in the first place.  Expectations can also determine the effort and investment one makes in meeting one’s personal best. I’ve talked