Must you be Broken to be Fixed?

There is an idea amongst some that if you get psychological help then you must be broken.  This was reinforced to me just yesterday, speaking with an Olympic athlete who had this concept thrust upon her when competing, by her coach.  Imagine being young and impressionable and told that the only reason to get professional help, was that you were sick or unstable.  It doesn’t really support you to get the help you possibly need.  It doesn’t support you to even talk about the problem you might be facing. Do you really need to be ‘broken’ before asking for help?

Finding the Right Motivation

Another friend of mine just qualified for the London Olympic Games – her first, representing Canada.  I am so happy for Marie-Andree Lessard, her story is one of persistence and discovery of what it takes to make dreams come true.  I had the honour of sharing part of her journey in aiming to qualify for 2008.  Unfortunately, she missed out that year and it brings up questions – how effective is all this ‘mindset’ stuff when sometimes it doesn’t work?

Have You Got the Competitive Spirit?

Are you really focused on winning when it’s needed?  There are two ways to participate in a competition – just for the fun of it and see what result eventuates OR with an eye on winning, and have fun while you are doing it. I am playing beach volleyball in my adopted home of Maui, mainly for fitness and fun.  With the summer, there have been weekly competitions and so I have been participating in those.  It’s quite a mix in levels of ability in the co-ed division. Even though I am still doing it for fun,

How Much do You Want it?

I am so proud and inspired by my friend, Olympic Gold Medalist, former team-mate and former nemesis, Natalie Cook, who has defied the odds and qualified for the London Olympic Games ( ) – her 5th, a record for an Australian women at the summer games. What kind of motivation does it take to make it to one Olympics, let alone five?   What drives one to go the extra distance?

What are you deciding today for your tomorrow?

I was thinking back to my school days and going on a school camp out into the ‘bush’ near a dam.  One day we were at the water’s edge which was pretty muddy, so a teacher suggested some mud-wrestling.  I was matched up against another girl, had no idea how to wrestle properly and found myself about to lose. I was face down looking at the mud and was wondering – how did I get here? Do you ever think about your own situation and feel like you’ve got nowhere to go and loss is inevitable? Do you ever feel

Where there is a will….

Sometimes the difference between success and failure is the level of commitment to doing what it takes to achieve goals.  This can separate the people who take information and learnings and go on to create wealth and success, and the people that are hoping for the course they just invested in will work for them, that this time it will make a difference. There are 5 key attitudes to having a champion mind and C is for commitment.  It takes commitment to succeed.  Commitment to a goal, to a vision, and even in the day to day tasks – commitment

Do I Need to Learn More?

Someone wrote to me wondering whether he should take another course, when he had already invested so much time and money and felt that none of it helped.  How could ‘another’ course make a difference? One of the qualities of a champion mind is a mind for learning, a thirst for continual improvement. That wasn’t where I was at 30 years ago when I left University with a degree in Physiotherapy, happy to put ‘learning’ behind me.  No more books, no more study.  At the time I disliked watching documentaries or anything that involved learning.  I had graduated and I was finished!

What are you afraid of?

I was discussing with a client how our actions are influenced by our emotional state, and how often that emotional state, if negative, can be based on fear. Do you know how much of your behaviour and the way you feel is run by fear?  I’m not talking about the kind of fear that freezes you, makes your heart speed up (or stop).  I’m talking about a more subtle fear that you are not even aware of.  It could just show up as a different emotion – anger, sadness, disappointment, frustration, etc. Next time you get angry or frustrated, be

Let Go of the Weight

Do you feel a lot of negative emotion for things that happened to you in your past?  Are you angry, hurt or chronically disappointed?  It can be easy to hold onto stuff and baggage from the past because you think it’s easier that way, or that you are meant to.  Perhaps you are not even aware of what you are holding on to. I’ve spoken to many people, friends and clients, that hate to let go of negative feelings for another person because it would mean that that person ‘gets away’ with hurting them.  We have this belief that ‘someone

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

What are you seeing and, more importantly, what are you missing?  We laughed at our room-mate the other day because when my husband commented about the chair in the hallway (it stops our dog running into the wall), she asked “what chair?  She had been completely unaware of it, despite living here for 6 weeks already. I explained that it was a common phenomena and we often don’t see everything in our surrounds.  That explains why you can’t see the jar of honey or jam standing right in front of you while looking in the cupboard or fridge.  I’m sure