What are you waiting for?

I had an interesting discussion the other day, and it was one I had heard before.  It’s the discussion about whether or not to hire a coach NOW, or wait until one is ready. People have different criteria for being ready.  An obvious one is Financial, having the funds to invest in coaching or training.  Other reasons (or excuses) include Time and, the one that came up the other day, Current Level of experience. Now this latter one can be valid for some trainings and coaching that require a certain level of skill or qualification to participate, but for the

Bringing Out The Best In Others

As a leader you want to bring out the best in others so that not only they can perform better, but then so can the whole team and/or organization. I have drawn upon the parallels of leadership within my sport of beach volleyball, to come up with some tips to help you lead your team – whether as business owner, a group leader, a speaker or even a parent. What makes my sport of Beach Volleyball unique is that we are a team of just 2 people and we rely on each other to win every point.  I am still

Who are you asking for help?

Recently someone declined my offer to talk with them about their speaking skills, citing that they already had a coach.  I said “great, I love that you have a coach (it’s very important)….and does he/she have specific experience with speaking well on a stage?” You want to be aware of the strengths and limitations of your coach.  I have had so much coaching and training over the years and know that one coach does not have all the answers, methods and skills.  If they do, it might not be the most cutting-edge advice. It’s like comparing a GP to a

Must you be Broken to be Fixed?

There is an idea amongst some that if you get psychological help then you must be broken.  This was reinforced to me just yesterday, speaking with an Olympic athlete who had this concept thrust upon her when competing, by her coach.  Imagine being young and impressionable and told that the only reason to get professional help, was that you were sick or unstable.  It doesn’t really support you to get the help you possibly need.  It doesn’t support you to even talk about the problem you might be facing. Do you really need to be ‘broken’ before asking for help?

Learning to fly

Last week my friend shared with me a cute experience she had watching a bird learning to fly that immediately made me think of the analogies to life and stepping out into new ventures. My friend was watching a baby bird that had strayed from its nest and family.  At first it appeared alone, and then she saw that the momma bird was nearby but hadn’t spotted it.  My friend decided to help the situation by approaching the baby bird to scare it a little and make it squawk.  She continued to do this until the momma bird’s attention was aroused. What happened

Where there is a will….

Sometimes the difference between success and failure is the level of commitment to doing what it takes to achieve goals.  This can separate the people who take information and learnings and go on to create wealth and success, and the people that are hoping for the course they just invested in will work for them, that this time it will make a difference. There are 5 key attitudes to having a champion mind and C is for commitment.  It takes commitment to succeed.  Commitment to a goal, to a vision, and even in the day to day tasks – commitment

What is getting in the way of YOUR results?

Most people I know like to succeed and to achieve goals and get the results that they want.  Despite good intention, something gets in the way and stops them fully achieving all they want. I’ve put together the most common reasons why people might fail.  Now I use the word ‘fail’ lightly, as I don’t think anyone can fail unless they give up.  Everyone is succeeding in getting results every day, every moment – it’s whether those results match up to desires and expectations that make a difference. Of these 5 reasons, 4 are ‘lacks’ – something the person is