What if……..How to stick at it when the going gets tough

Do you ever wonder what might have happened if……..if circumstances had been different? If things had worked out the way you planned? If you had stuck at something? There was a time when I thought of quitting my sport and my dream of reaching the Olympics.  It was early 1998 and another beach volleyball partner had ‘dropped’ me and I was left without a team. I wondered if I was kidding myself continuing to strive for a dream that nobody else believed I could do. I thought of quitting and considered what else I could do with my life.  None of

Where there is a will….

Sometimes the difference between success and failure is the level of commitment to doing what it takes to achieve goals.  This can separate the people who take information and learnings and go on to create wealth and success, and the people that are hoping for the course they just invested in will work for them, that this time it will make a difference. There are 5 key attitudes to having a champion mind and C is for commitment.  It takes commitment to succeed.  Commitment to a goal, to a vision, and even in the day to day tasks – commitment