Can I get real with you?

Last week I did a photo shoot and I posted some photos on Facebook…my favourite photos. I got the usual “likes” and “favourable comments” and I even got a comment that I looked forever 21. I looked in the mirror and I laughed…because I could see the lines that said “I’m not 21!”  It got me thinking, what if I did post some of the other photos…the ones that did show the lines, the ones that didn’t have the perfect lighting, etc. And then I was preparing to shoot this video and thought about the make-up and the clothes and all the preparation to get ready for a video

Stating the Obvious – Use it!

I want to talk about something that stops a lot of people from getting out and speaking, and something that people think is a liability can actually be used as an asset. And it’s about drawing attention to the obvious. For example, I broke my wrist and I’m actually speaking a couple of days in front of a live audience. Now, I can could have said “No” or wait till it had gotten better. Or, I could go out there and speak and pretend that everything’s fine. That is probably not going to work, everyone is going to be thinking,