Must you be Broken to be Fixed?

There is an idea amongst some that if you get psychological help then you must be broken.  This was reinforced to me just yesterday, speaking with an Olympic athlete who had this concept thrust upon her when competing, by her coach.  Imagine being young and impressionable and told that the only reason to get professional help, was that you were sick or unstable.  It doesn’t really support you to get the help you possibly need.  It doesn’t support you to even talk about the problem you might be facing. Do you really need to be ‘broken’ before asking for help?

Do you challenge yourself enough to win?

Less than 100 days to London Olympic Games and athletes are in training – some are aiming for Gold, and others are still working to make the team, to become an Olympian. What kind of training do you think you need to make it to the top in business or in your life?  Do you prefer to win against an easy opponent or to lose against someone who is better and challenges you? In times of competition I’m guessing that you would not be adverse to taking the easy win, but when the game or competition is in training, the

Do I Need to Learn More?

Someone wrote to me wondering whether he should take another course, when he had already invested so much time and money and felt that none of it helped.  How could ‘another’ course make a difference? One of the qualities of a champion mind is a mind for learning, a thirst for continual improvement. That wasn’t where I was at 30 years ago when I left University with a degree in Physiotherapy, happy to put ‘learning’ behind me.  No more books, no more study.  At the time I disliked watching documentaries or anything that involved learning.  I had graduated and I was finished!