What are you deciding today for your tomorrow?

I was thinking back to my school days and going on a school camp out into the ‘bush’ near a dam.  One day we were at the water’s edge which was pretty muddy, so a teacher suggested some mud-wrestling.  I was matched up against another girl, had no idea how to wrestle properly and found myself about to lose. I was face down looking at the mud and was wondering – how did I get here? Do you ever think about your own situation and feel like you’ve got nowhere to go and loss is inevitable? Do you ever feel

Problems and You

Have you ever noticed that whenever you have a problem that there is a common denominator – you!  Whether you have a problem with a situation or with another person it’s time to really think about how you are causing the problem (or challenge) in your life. Many problems seem very real and they might even feel like you have no control over what to do, but just imagine if you did.  Imagine if you were making choices or decisions that were at least contributing to the problem.