Dare to Stumble!

Do you ever stop yourself from taking action or even saying something, for fear of doing it wrong? This came up while I was chatting with friends a few weeks ago.  Someone mentioned the challenge of speaking up within a relationship, especially when there was conflict. Now this was something I could relate to, because I used to avoid creating conflict with loved ones also.  I still find it challenging, but I also know that being quiet doesn’t serve anyone. How I learned to overcome this challenge was by daring to stumble. Daring to not get it right – to

Dare to Fall

The moment had arrived- snowfall in Lake Tahoe and we were off.  Off and away from the unchanging warmth of Maui to the snow-covered town near Reno to visit our friends and to go snowboarding! The snowboarding was my husband’s idea who assured me I’d love it. I had only been on skis twice before, so it was as good as a time as any to switch over and learn something new. When is the last time you did something for the first time? Can you remember how strange it felt? The body and mind has no frame of reference to refer back