Goal Achievement is not an Exclusive Process

Last week I read an article/blog that stated that one should forget about goals and resolutions. They don’t work! Rather than goals, you should focus on your actions instead. It really pissed me off, because I knew the author was only writing that to be controversial for the sake of it….and, I would hate for her readers to take it to heart. The problem here is the exclusive mindset.  That it has to be one thing or the other. We need to replace OR with AND. Goal achievement is a process of steps.  Just like goals are not a destination, neither

5 Mistakes that Could Keep Things the Same

Are you ready to achieve bigger and better things in 2014?  Are you willing to change to reach your goals? After preparing and teaching a workshop on goal setting and planning for success, I know I am, and so are the participants in the class. A few things came up during the class, and in my recent conversations with clients, that I thought worth sharing with you here today. What can get in the way of you achieving inspirational goals: 1. The size of your goals Some people limit what they aim for, letting reality and their present circumstances dictate

Get Specific to Get Results with Speaking

Today I’m going back to some basics to apply to your business, whether it’s the business of speaking or speaking is part of your business. The basics I’m talking about are your goals and getting clear on what you want to achieve. Without a clear end in mind, it can be pretty hard to achieve as much as you are really capable of. I was motivated to write this after seeing what some people posted as ‘goals’ in a speaker training survey. In my survey people were indicating desires to improve their confidence to speak, to be able to craft

How Much do You Want it?

I am so proud and inspired by my friend, Olympic Gold Medalist, former team-mate and former nemesis, Natalie Cook, who has defied the odds and qualified for the London Olympic Games ( london2012.com ) – her 5th, a record for an Australian women at the summer games. What kind of motivation does it take to make it to one Olympics, let alone five?   What drives one to go the extra distance?

Learning to fly

Last week my friend shared with me a cute experience she had watching a bird learning to fly that immediately made me think of the analogies to life and stepping out into new ventures. My friend was watching a baby bird that had strayed from its nest and family.  At first it appeared alone, and then she saw that the momma bird was nearby but hadn’t spotted it.  My friend decided to help the situation by approaching the baby bird to scare it a little and make it squawk.  She continued to do this until the momma bird’s attention was aroused. What happened

What is getting in the way of YOUR results?

Most people I know like to succeed and to achieve goals and get the results that they want.  Despite good intention, something gets in the way and stops them fully achieving all they want. I’ve put together the most common reasons why people might fail.  Now I use the word ‘fail’ lightly, as I don’t think anyone can fail unless they give up.  Everyone is succeeding in getting results every day, every moment – it’s whether those results match up to desires and expectations that make a difference. Of these 5 reasons, 4 are ‘lacks’ – something the person is

Expect Your Success

Be clear in what you want, have desire for it, expect it AND be okay with it not happening the way you want or expect.  These statements seem to be in conflict and yet it is important to accept them both in order for your goals to happen. The Law of Detachment requires you to let go of your goal. Even though you are working towards it and you are committed to making your goal happen, you also need to let go of it needing to happen. F.Scott Fitzgerald said ” ..the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability